Extended Cut: DC Lynx S Review, The Burrr Edition

This video review is an extension of our 10 Hours with the DC Lynx S post. While we were writing it in our cozy little office, Dmitri and Jibril were out in the street getting it on some of the coldest days of the year.

In collaboration with DC Shoe Co and Homebase Skate Shop, we challenged Dmitri Cobb to film a full review in this less than ideal winter weather. All street, no park footy. Pretty cruel right? Be that as it may, they were up for the challenge after dealing with plenty of cabin fever. As sick as they were with being stuck inside, the temperatures outside were incredibly fucked up. Just so you have a bit of insight about what they went through, between all the tricks featured in the video they’d have to run inside somewhere just to warm up. You can only imagine how hard it would be to film a trick in the freezing cold, along with the challenge of having a filmer who’d be willing to withstand the cold with you. We could debate all day about who had it worse between Dmitri and Jibril but we won’t because they put together over 3 minutes of footage in this frigid cold to bring you this video review. Most people aren’t even willing to stand outside for that long. For that, we salute these dudes.

If the weather wasn’t challenging enough, look at most of the spots they skated. All of them could be grouped in the 58mm and above category. Not to mention the rock salt that’s been eating up our ground lately. Granted, it wasn’t smooth to begin with but it was better than what we’ve got now. Use this video review as some type of inspiration to roll outside for as long as you can before running into a bodega to warm up.

For their incredible feat, find these dudes on Instagram and give them a follow:
Dmitri Cobb (skater): @Dmitricobb
Jibril Perry (filmer/editor/photographer): @JibrilPerry


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