“Y U Gotta Do Us Like Dat Bruh?!” -Tiffany Hi ReSellers

If 561 Skate shop didn’t manage to piss off hypebeast’s locally with their “Do a Kickflip, Get the Tiffany High’s” structure, the dudes over at Black Sheep NC added insult to injury by doing a “preview” video of the highly wanted dunks. Rather than taking super detailed close-ups and narrating cheesy material listings, they decided to skate the Tiffany High’s instead. HOW DARE THEY!?

Here’s an accurate portrayal of how non-skating sneakerhead’s will probably react once seeing this video.

Not only was the skating really good, along with the soundtrack, but the real additive to watching this video is knowing that hypebeast’s and people alike are getting squeamish just watching it. We weren’t fans of this colorway by any means but after watching Andrew Kolometz skate in them, it reminded us of how good dunks look while skating. Really made us want to watch this part.

While we’re on the subject, Homebase 610 is having a raffle for these Tiffany Dunks and 50% of the proceeds are going towards expanding their already awesome park. C’mon, let’s make it more awesome-er! If you’re in their area and can claim them in person, go for it. It’s way better than waiting out in the cold. Good luck.

6 thoughts on “Y U Gotta Do Us Like Dat Bruh?!” -Tiffany Hi ReSellers

  1. RJ on said:

    So will these raise or lower the value of the originals from a few years ago?

  2. will on said:

    yo blacksheep is my local shop!

  3. Scotty on said:

    Respect to Blacksheep and 561!

  4. If you really wanna see dunks lookin’ good in a skate part, you better watch all the Lewis Marnell’s parts

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