P.S.A. – The D3 Haunts Us On A Daily Basis



As we were going through our “We Picked It, You Review It” submissions, we couldn’t help but be sidetracked by the number of emails that we received concerning D3’s (there’s a sentence we thought we’d never say).

While most are looking for limited SB’s, returning eS footwear models and so forth, there happens to be a small clan of people dedicated to finding D3’s. They feel just as strong about this shoe as you ever will about anything and will go to no limit to find their beloved hideous model. After receiving too many emails and Instagram DM’s concerning Dave Mayhew’s 3rd pro model, we felt that it was our duty to state the obvious.

Here’s our official statement:
“We do not sell or have ANY D3’s to sell. We’ve simply posted about it in the past and occasionally reference it in an attempt to make fun of it. Thank You.”

D3Emails D3emails2

Out of the countless emails we’ve received, above are the latest two from the #D3Fiends movement. One offers up to $200 US Dollars in exchange for what now looks like a silly dog chew toy. Yes, we know that these shoes are legendary in their own right but that doesn’t excuse it from looking disgusting today. We’ll probably be saying the same about this shoe in another 20 years too. After all, they are brothers of the highest selling skate pro models of all time. Even stranger, they contacted us through our Big Cartel store (why wouldn’t they just buy some of the last remaining hoodies? Pfft…).

Again, we’re not trying to air anyone out or embarrass them, we’re simply addressing this in a post so that we never have to get hit up about this again. If we do, we’ll get dangerously close to opening up a webstore dedicated to just D3’s and rake in the cash.

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Where you could find D3’s: treessesport (Europe), eBay & Amazon (2001 reissued model)

Now please, let us never talk of this shoe again (unless we’re making fun of it or talking about its historical significance). <3


  1. Thomas

    February 27, 2014 3:26pm

    I am fairly certain (like 90% sure) that Osiris did a small, unheralded reissue of the D3 last year. Perhaps I merely dreamed(nightmared?) it, but I am pretty sure I saw them for sale on their site for about a month before they were all gone again.

  2. HSA

    February 27, 2014 7:50pm

  3. vegas

    February 28, 2014 4:20am

    i don’t see why you always talk about the d3 then post the d3 2001. they are completely different. yeah the 2001 is hideous but the original was rad, and had the best colorways. those really slim ones they made were cool too.

  4. Norway

    March 3, 2014 8:38pm

    Haha, yeah.. What he said. The 2001 is a lot bigger.

  5. Dano

    February 1, 2015 1:35am

    Just throwing it out there: I’ve got a pair of Globe Chet IV size 13 I’d sell if anyone’s interested


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