Nike SB X Jordan: Bruh, I Just Wanna Sk8 1’s Thru 5

The Return Rendition of the Jordan Air 1 from Nike SB.

The Return Rendition of the Air Jordan 1 from Nike SB. Expect people to be getting jumped over these. Pun intended.

As you can imagine, some are embracing this Nike SB X Air Jordan 1 debut while others are asking “What does Jordan have to do with skateboarding?” only to get a quick “Dude, have you seen old Powell video’s? All the OG’s were skating them back then.” retort. Touché. It’s a valid point and we can only imagine the ad campaign being pushed by OG’s in a preroll talking about how good they skated back then and that’s fine. In fact, Lance Mountain has his own signature colorway of these Nike SB x Air Jordan I’s and based on the article, it seems like their hinting at having a mismatched pair of shoes for his pro colorway. Interesting. With a legendary pro backing it and testifying as to how well they skated then and now, will this be enough to win over the “What does Jordan have to do with skateboarding?” crowd?


Based on our Q&R from October, we’re starting to think we’re psychic or something. Especially after this IG post from a week ago.

The other development coming together is that this is one of many Jordan-related drops to come for skateboarders. This March 15th drop will be very exclusive and you can bet that it’ll be incredibly hard to get a pair from your local shop but don’t fret. The next drop is coming again in a May/June release that’ll either be an extension of this model in terms of colorways or potentially a completely new Jordan Skate model. If this is coming back, is it officially okay from skater’s to rock Jimmy Z short shorts again?

Are you guys interested in us reviewing a pair of these Jordan skate shoes or no? Let us know…


  1. toastfacekillah

    February 27, 2014 6:10pm

    review actual skateshoes like és instead please

  2. will

    February 27, 2014 6:20pm

    before you even considering reviewing another shoe why don’t you finish your other reviews first… sorry not trying to be a dick i just love the sight and im eager to see new reviews

  3. Filip

    February 27, 2014 7:36pm

    I bet there won’t be many of people buying them, because it’s Jordan and it is expensive, but I bet quality would be good, so review would be nice, you know just to let people know if they are worth it.

  4. Tony B

    February 27, 2014 8:50pm

    Terry Kennedy would be perfect for this, his fashion alone works well with Jordan. Not to mention MJ is one of his biggest inspirations. He shreds with trendy fashion

  5. Stephen

    February 27, 2014 9:16pm

    Would have much preferred Jordan 1 Phats in the original colorways.

  6. D

    February 28, 2014 12:07pm

    Okay, so we know that certain colorways for dunks can be over price ($90-100), and jordans can be priced anywhere from ($200- $600). I wonder where nike sb will make their price point with these shoes, especially when they already sell shoes like the lunar one shot for $110.

  7. Justin

    February 28, 2014 4:58pm

    Lets not discuss the obvious… ‘es footwear is reemerging in the skate industry, and Nike is coming out with a classic hi-top every skater in the 80’s wore. So what, why now? Do we really need another so-called skate shoe, no one can afford?? When we’re slowly starting to turn our focus towards more skater-owned companies. It’s almost as if we realized, in the recent, we truly need to keep skateboarding and all of it’s parts owned, and managed by skateboarders. I understand the need to support yourself and family, but at the cost of the industries future?? When 1 person saw the $$$ signs, every skater wanted to get a chunk of it… I guess that’s human nature.. Everyone seemed to forget why they started skateboarding, wasn’t it because you didn’t want to be a part of the Team? You wanted to do something that looked cool and you didn’t need 7-10 other guys to help you get there…Don’t you remember wanting to “Stand Out” because you had something not everyone could do?? Come on, as it stands now as we all get older it’s going to our sport being televised to hundreds of thousands of viewers, watching something they have no clue about. They’re just waiting for one of us to fall and break our necks.. Don’t lose your focus kids, promote, purchase, and take pride in something you helped to build. Now take the reins and direct us into the future….

  8. patduffman

    March 2, 2014 1:15am

    I started skating only recently and I am astounded at how people take to outside companies like nike. People play into them because they can get P Rod and Malto and Theo but what people seem to forget is that Nike operates unlike any true skate brand. They are one of the biggest corporations in America. They’re run by suits that wouldn’t let you skate at Nike SB headquarters. Isn’t skating about rooting for the little guy? Isn’t it about supporting your fellow skater? Nike isn’t a skateboarding company. They saw the money and they took it, but they aren’t skateboarding. Lakai is skateboarding, ès is skateboarding, emerica is skateboarding. Would everyone just up and buy decks from Walmart if P Rod, Nyjah, or T Puds saw the money and grabbed it? If you buy Nike or Jordan (they’re the same damn thing) you may as well buy from zumies because they care as much about skating as Nike does.

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  9. D

    March 3, 2014 3:08am

    ^ have to agree with the guy above me. Also went to the mall the other day, and saw a Champs sports footwear store flaunting their new shipment of Nike Sb shoes in the front window of the store. Gotta say, it was pretty damn lame.

  10. D

    March 3, 2014 3:09am

    I live in VA too, so they gotta be around a lot of the east and west coast.

  11. Chris

    March 5, 2014 9:41pm

    No need to review these shoes as they will undoubtedly skate just like a dunk high. A review of them by you would probably only add to the hype which is unneeded. I personally like to see reviews of shoes that aren’t the best sellers. Keep bringing out the highlights and lowlights of lesser hyped shoes….and keep up the good work

  12. JmaF

    March 9, 2014 1:48am

    yeah sounds like fun! and if you don’t like the color paint on them like the gonz did. just thrash it.

  13. ben

    March 10, 2014 9:07pm

    who buys shoes decks or product because a name is on it? i buy for size, shape, design, color, function, etc. in fact i’ll NOT buy something because of certain names on it. and by names i mean the athlete, not the brand (well sometimes the brand) i prefer rocking a swoosh, the three stripes, or whatever else the fuck i want. and if they make better product that’s what it’s about. i don’t care who gets my money if its worth it, because it ain’t making me any richer or you any less rich. maybe there needs to be less pro models out there and more pro colorways like adidas does. that would save the company more money, and make the pros more money. they don’t need a fucking signature shoe every 6 months to validate they are professionals. go cry, down river.

  14. MD

    March 20, 2014 1:19am

    To me there really is no debate. These shoes are fresh. I won a raffle for these but was not able to pick up the phone when they called me because I was working. I figured they would leave a message or a text saying to bring my I.D. and raffle ticket next morning. When I called next morning, they said since I didn’t pick up, they went to the next contestant. Damn. So close. They look dope. I would have rocked them for a while and then skated them.

    To me the whole debate about skater owned versus corporate shoe companies is irrelevant. I buy shoes for performance and if they look good on my feet. Admittedly these were being sold at the store whose raffle slipped through my fingers for more than the MSRP of $150. I think they were charging $180. When I lined up at another skate shop, but again was not able to purchase them, I was surprised to learn they were charging $200 there. Both stores are in New York City.

    But what a lot people and younger skateboarders don’t understand or don’t care about is that these are more than just skateboarding shoes, although they are designed for just that and skate incredibly well if you like cup soles. These shoes are collector items for sneakerheads. Some buy them and just collect. A lot of them buy and resale at a higher price because of the limited quantity and status, and to fund their ongoing sneaker collections and addictions or just for plain bu$iness. And others buy them to wear for while until they inevitably break them in and then skate them and destroy them.

    I also buy “skater-owned” brands like Supra, Emerica, Huf, DC (Is DC still skater-owned?) and do the same. Walk around in them for a while, break them in and ultimately skate and destroy them.

    But if the shoes do not provide comfort, cushioning and enough board feel and grip; if the durability does not measure up to what I expect for the amount I am willing to spend, then I do not buy them. Corporate, skater-owned, made by aliens: it does not matter.

    When I started skateboarding, there were only Vans, Vision Street Wear and Airwalk. But when all of those weren’t available I would just wear which ever sneakers I had to skate. Sometimes I would take my brother’s sneakers for lack of mine. And Nike worked well then too.

    The only debate at the moment is whether to try to get the SB Rival Pack dropping this weekend. And if I do, either one or both pairs? Don’t worry I will destroy them soon enough!

  15. mdspb

    March 25, 2014 5:54am

    Jimmy’Z is back in business, actually.