10 Hours With The DC Lynx S

DC Lynx S, 10 hours of skating later.

DC Lynx S, 10 hours of skating later.

The DC Lynx S is a cupsole in every meaning of the word. This isn’t a shoe trying to be something it’s not, and that holds true for the OG Lynx as well. Now that we’ve skated the shoe for ten hours, we can further understand what DC’s goal was with this shoe. By no means is this shoe supposed to be a trend setter, or ground breaking new model, but instead, is meant to be a reliable and affordable cupsole. At $75, the Lynx S is a cheaper alternative to the tech heavy cupsoles that have been coming out lately, reaching prices of $90+.

That doesn’t mean the Lynx S doesn’t pack some tech into it’s thin silhouette. With DC’s Super Suede, an ortholite sock liner, mesh tongue, and TPU backing, this shoe definitely has some bells and whistles. But we’re here to tell you how well these shoes perform, not just what is written on paper about them.

Again, this is a true cupsole, so expect the shoe to be a little roomy (you might want to go down a half size). The shoe is really sturdy, and lacks any form of Unilite, so the shoe feels a little heavy compared to other DC models, but for those who favor solid feeling shoes, this might be for you. The grip is DC’s classic pill pattern, and still has life in it, 10 hours in. If any of you have skated DC’s before than you know how reliable Super Suede is, especially when backed by TPU. So why did we get a hole 10 hours into skating? We’re not 100% sure to be honest, but it seems like the deco stitching might have been the culprit. On this shoe the deco stitching meets at a point, right where most of the ollie abrasion occurs, and thats the same spot the hole formed. Usually any stitching like that falls out, but it seems the perforations were big enough to cause a hole to form. Luckily, the damage is only to the aesthetics of the shoe, because the layer of TPU underneath stops any internal damage from occurring. Either way, the overall performance of the shoe has been a positive one, and the shoe definitely brings back memories of OG Kalis 360 flips. We can definitely see this shoe lasting another 10-15 hours before it’s time to retire them. Do yourself a favor and cop these, do a 360 flip at LOVE in baggy jeans, and call it a day. You won’t regret it.


  1. Chris Vu

    February 28, 2014 8:45pm

    My foot’s wide so I go with a size up usually 9.5

  2. Ian

    March 2, 2014 4:29pm

    I found them a tad snug. Still regular size, but snug. Fit is not far from the Nyjah overall, but the mesh lining that attaches the tongue makes it feel much less bulky by creating a better fit through the mid foot. Just a great skate shoe overall.

  3. FRANK

    April 16, 2014 12:57am

    The last DC shoes I’ve skated were Taylors (1 pair) and Centrics (2 pairs); Is the fit comparable to any of them ?

  4. Jon

    January 17, 2015 8:00pm

    Yeah, I found the shoe to be a little snug, not enough to be uncomfortable, but I’dsay to go up half a size.


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