Stealing from Pro’s, for the better (for you)



Plenty of sample pairs happen to come through the RL HQ. More recently, we just got a package from DC and the box read…well…you read it ^.

We’ll have more than enough info on this mystery model in the days to come. We’re testing to see how it fits, skates and more, just so you guys can decide whether to get it or not. Of all things though, we’re not just excited to skate this shoe. We’re excited to take shoes away from our beloved pros :D.

We’re wondering if Rob is frantically looking around his Fantasy Factory right now looking for this box but he’s probably not. He’ll just have DC make another pair if anything 😉 Thanks for sacrificing guys.

More info on this shoe soon.

2 thoughts on Stealing from Pro’s, for the better (for you)

  1. ALUMNI on said:

    who is Rob Dyrdek?

  2. jeremy on said:

    what is this the lynx????

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