In & Out: Skate Shoes That Left Too Soon – Pt 4

DVS Brophy. Didn't last long but looked great.

DVS Brophy. Didn’t last long but looked great.

His time with DVS was short-lived but it didn’t stop him from quickly designing a pro model. For the time (2009), the Brophy was a simple but well received pro model. Its colorways were on point and its cupsole design allowed it to stick out while in the process of transitioning out of our vulc-craze phase. We haven’t seen much of Brophy since then but last we heard, he was confirmed to be on Converse. Although upon further searching, it’s only limited to their Australian division (which kinda means nothing). How do you 360 flip a table from flat and not have a proper shoe sponsor?

Honorable other flop: Munition CT

Emerica Flick (Westgate's Old one)

Emerica Flick (Westgate’s Old one)

Remember that epic commercial of Westgate kickflipping that perfect kicker ramp in the middle of nowhere? It’s honestly etched into our minds. The Flick was no overnight success. It was immediately accepted among consumers everywhere and just as quickly rejected once they saw how the narrow paneled sides blew out after a couple of sessions. It was hit or miss depending on who you were talking to but there’s some saving grace with his latest pro model. The high rubber side walls couldn’t even save the panels from coming up, damn. Even worse if you had a fat foot too.

Honorable other flop: The reissued Heritic

HUF 1984

HUF 1984. Don’t fret, it’s still here today but under a different name and different toe.

Technically, the 1984 left but it didn’t in the same instance. The ’84 hardly hit the mark in terms of success but it also wasn’t too far off. The durability of a paneled toe cap was just too much for some people to handle but as we know now, it just returned (with a facelift) as the new Arena that we’ve been seeing everywhere lately. Strange to see the success of a T-toe considering skateboarding’s current success with rubber toe caps but in hindsight, it actually makes sense. The footwear industry as a whole is currently working off of early-2000 designs but with a slimmer take. Can’t say we blame them.

Honorable other flop: HUF 1

Anything we miss?
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  1. Gabe

    January 16, 2014 6:16pm

    Didn’t DVS continue the Brophy’s, but renamed them the Fulham?
    Also, any of the sole tech fusion shoes, fair few only lasted a season

  2. Kevin

    January 16, 2014 8:32pm

    Brophy may as well be in the global division of Cons. Trust me he is legitimately on, dude is the shit!

  3. Mark

    January 18, 2014 2:23pm

    The Emerica Flick and the Fallen Slash are very similar to each other. What makes the Flick inferior compared to the Slash?

    • jasminder

      September 19, 2014 4:16pm

      front panel on the slashes are pushed back, so they dont rip fast and also theres less stitching but the insoles on the old westgates were better

  4. Fryan Blores

    January 20, 2014 7:30pm

    The HUF Arena looks a lot like the Busenitz in my opinion.

  5. gnarlie browne

    January 28, 2014 11:11am

    The supra dixons, the skylow ones, the vans spawn, tge nike team edition the es first blood. and sad to say the supra skytop threes will be out of production i have a feeling

  6. Ian

    April 2, 2014 8:48pm

    Dill’s first pro shoe on DVS, Emerica MJ2 and the Emerica Braydon were all short-lived and amazing kicks! All 3 were styles that didn’t mesh well with other shoes at the time, but were all amazing to skate.


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