First Glance: Vans Gilbert Crockett Pro

HOV.GilbertThis past Monday we had the luck of being invited to the Gilbert Crockett Pro model wear test over at the House of Vans. You could say that being overly obsessed with the performance of skate shoes has its perks. The park recently got a facelift with some new obstacles, all of which weren’t nearly as hard as we thought they would be. The flow of the park was perfect. Whether you were trying to impress the guys at Vans in hopes of being sponsored or if you just wanted a simple slappie session, the choice is yours. The HOV park caters to every type of skater. As if that wasn’t enough, Vans proved that they know how to host a wear test by serving up some amazing food. So good that it might deserve its own post down the line. Spin off skateboarding food reviews anyone? In other words, it was a good fucking time at HOV.

Back to the main point though. We were lucky enough to skate the new Gilbert Crockett Pro for four hours while at the HOV and the shoe didn’t let us down. Out of the box you can immediately feel the awesome Wafflecup technology go to work. No, it’s not all hype. In fact, we felt another level of comfort and confidence due to its stable sturdiness. It definitely wont hurt to walk around in the shoe for a day or two, but you can definitely skate the Gilbert’s right out of the box with no problems. In proper Vans fashion, the sole and flick were supremely grippy but after an hour of skating, the sole wore through enough to properly land some flip tricks. The UltraCush HD insole felt great as always, and there was even some cushion in the tongue, which is always welcomed and appreciated.

Shortly after feasting on some incredible food, our feet weren't too bloated to fit into the Gilbert Pro Model.

Shortly after feasting on some incredible food, our feet weren’t too bloated to fit into the Gilbert Pro Model.

Initial thoughts after skating them:

  • True to Size fit
  • Works well for those with a wide or skinny foot
  • Those with flat-feet will prefer this shoe due to little arch support
  • Narrow shape will make for Gilbert-like kickflips
  • Break-in time is immediate
  • Tried and true WaffleCup construction gives great cupsole support, while keeping   the flexibility and boardfeel of a vulc.
  • Duracap underlay (under the vamp) increases durability and stops the suede from getting all flimsy
  • The ever durable WaffleCup outsole never disappoints and should outlast the traditional formula
  • No bullshit UltraCush HD insole really feels great and adds support value where needed

We’ll be putting the Gilbert’s through our review in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more info on the shoe and if you have any questions regarding the Gilbert’s, let us know in the comments below and we’ll be sure to answer them.


  1. xavier green

    January 29, 2014 5:48pm

    so should i get the black white or the indy colab?

  2. thisisnoteddie

    January 29, 2014 10:14pm

    His shoe is already selling so well here in LA, I’ve seen a surprising amount and variety of people wearing them. Damn, I want a pair.

  3. Cedric Borero

    January 29, 2014 11:48pm

    This shoe looks super amazing to but there is one question that does puzzle me and is a problem most skaters have with their shoes, does the tongue tend to move from side to side or does it stay in place?

    • Ripped Laces

      January 30, 2014 7:01am

      Crazy enough, you aren’t the only person wondering about the annoying tongue movement that seems to bother everyone. We don’t mind it so much but we get it. As of right now, the Gilbert pro does not have elastic centering bands on the tongue but after bringing this topic up to the footwear designers at Vans, we were told that they’re planning on revamping the Crockett’s to have a booty or gusseted tongue within the next few seasons. Expect this update to be added shortly but we wouldn’t want this small but essential addition to keep you from trying out the Gilbert’s. They good.

  4. Micky Vergara

    January 30, 2014 12:45pm

    How’s the board feel in the shoes? Is the waffle cup more for support or more for board feel. Also do these have better breathability than the sweaty Stage 4s?

  5. Yung Tweest

    January 30, 2014 9:38pm

    How much do they retail for?

  6. Andrew Bawtinhimer

    January 31, 2014 6:23pm

    I just bought a pair of these today and I can already tell this is not going to be my last pair. Super comfortable straight out of the box and they are extremely well designed. So glad they gave Gilbert a shoe he nailed it with this one. My only grievance (albeit extremely small and does not really cause any issue) with this shoe is that the laces are a little too long. Not a huge issue but i don’t really like having to double knot laces. Cannot wait for this shitty FL rain to pass so I can see how well they skate.

  7. patduffman

    February 1, 2014 10:31pm

    Why does Vans always put canvas right in the ollie zone? I absolutely love the vans feel, but ripping through canvas sucks.

  8. Patrick Roque

    March 10, 2014 2:55am

    How long does the sole last on these? Cause everytime I get vans the bottom of the sole only last me a week, week and a half at most.

  9. Qwertyuiop

    April 3, 2014 7:42pm

    Will there be a full review in the next few weeks?


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