First 5-Hours with the NB# Stratford 479


Because of its fast break-in time, we wasted no time abusing the Stratford 479 in every way possible. Here’s our results after 5-Hours of kickflips, ollies, heelflips, etc..

Call it luck or what have you but the winter weather that was tormenting us this past week is finally holding up in order to review this Stratford 479. Yes, admittingly, we’re a little late to the party considering that this model has already become a favorite amongst some of our friends, but for those who’re still apprehensive, we’re here to clear the air. First and foremost, there’s a reason why the Stratford 479 is constantly seen on PJ Ladd’s feet. In the very first hour of skating them, they have gained our praise to the point where our verdict on the shoe stands as such: they’re fucking awesome. The Stratford 479 will put any and all preconceived notions of ours and critics to the side with just 1-hour of skating. We’re certain of it.


The rubber from the sole seems to break-in quicker than normal but by no means are we counting it out. From our experience, the toe’s life will be prolonged once the suede comes into play.

As one of the premiere models out of the New Balance Numeric line, the Stratford 479 has given us every quality we can ask for. The fit is snug but not overwhelming, the flick is supreme and the tread pattern isn’t bad at all considering its straightforward design. If we had to describe it any other way, we’d say that the Stratford feels like an extension of your foot rather than a shoe on your foot. For a cupsole design, there’s a ton of board feel and more than enough support for those with a wide and/or narrow foot. As with every shoe, you should expect some break-in time but the normality of that is comfortably 1-3 days. The Stratford 479 takes about 20 minutes to break-in in comparison and after that, the shoe remarkably converts to the shoe you want it to be.

For the time being, the Stratford’s are holding up better than we expected. For our initial 5-hours of skating, we didn’t expect to be so pleased with a product that everyone had already signed off as ‘horrible’.

Word on the street is that PJ is already in the process of designing his first pro model for NB#. If we had to guess, he won’t stray too far from the Stratford 479 DNA considering how often he’s seen skating them. How this shoe can get any better is beyond us but we’re all for surprises. Can NB# pull it off or will they bite off more than they can chew? Expect to find out come SP’15.


  1. HawtDawg

    January 14, 2014 11:19pm

    Thanks for reviewing these RL!!
    How do these fit? Are they true to size?

    • Ripped Laces

      January 15, 2014 1:02am

      For the Stratford (as a thin cupsole) & possibly other vulc models coming out of the NB# line, we’ll rule it a “true to size” fit. The Logan is a definite half size up ruling though.

  2. Rei

    January 15, 2014 12:40am

    care to comment on the supposed dylan pro model leak?

  3. vlagtr

    January 15, 2014 2:31am

    I have a wider foot and definitely had to go a half size bigger.

  4. Bliz

    January 15, 2014 3:05am

    So this isn’t Pj’s pro model then? I thought it had been previously reported as his model

  5. Angelo Estrera

    January 16, 2014 5:23pm

    finally ,people are embracing the nb# ,

  6. vegas

    January 18, 2014 2:10am


  7. Anderson

    January 22, 2014 8:21pm

    Could you do a review of the Logan? Damn, that shoe looks like it could take a beating.

  8. deez nutz

    February 17, 2014 4:37am

    You guys are pandering, this site never gives a bad review, it’s basically a catolog, you guys are as bad as the Stratford, there’s a reason everyone calls it a bad shoe, because it is, thank you for pushing more corporate bs down our throats.

    • ALUMNI

      February 17, 2014 10:38pm

      i think everyone is entitled to their opinion, including yourself. You say that Ripped Laces are pandering and i say you like to shower with little boys… my opinion, of course.
      I find that, even though i dont personally agree with Ripped Laces sometimes, their reviews are honest if nothing else and I appreciate that about them. Could they come straight out and say that this pair of NBs sucks shit? sure they could. they arent making money off this shit….they do it for god knows what reasons. Does the reviews here effect whatshos i buy? fuck no. imma man and I dont race home for shake & bake niggas.
      hey, you ever think that maybe they actually like the pair that they tested? no need for an answer.
      i love you.

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