2014 Debuts: Adidas Stan Smith Cup & Vulc

Stan Smith Skateboarding.

Stan Smith Skateboarding in Amazon Green/Running Wht. – $89

It’s time to introduce another iconic classic into skateboarding footwear. This time around it’s Adidas skateboarding that’s re-introducing us to a footwear staple.

As many of you know, in the early days of skateboarding, skateboarders were skating all types of shoes. Whether it was basketball, indoor-soccer or tennis, we made due with what was readily available. This act was out of necessity and by no means have we forgotten about our rugged past. Adidas skateboarding has every intention to re-introduce us to shoes that we might’ve skated as our former desperate selves, the only exception is that this classic model has been redesigned, specifically for us.

This amazon green and white Cupsole rendition of the Stan Smith will only be available in select skate shops. As a limited release, you’ll find yourself wanting to skate these but we’d think twice before sliding them across your griptape.

Stan Smith Vulc - $75

Stan Smith Vulc – $75

Compared to the Stan Smith vulc, the Stan Smith Skate comes with some direct features from the original model except with a better quality in mind for us skaters. The real difference between the two models isn’t the vulcanized outsole but the foam injected midsole within the vulc outsole. Not only will it make the Stan Smith vulc that much lighter, but it’ll also be useful in reducing the impact from high drops and increase comfort. These models will be at finer skate shops by the time you read this.

Any of you guys hesitant towards trying these out? Possible review? We’ll keep you posted.


  1. Oliver

    February 18, 2014 12:40pm

    As for a possible Creager shoe, going on that image of it on the right, they should remove the loop on the heel, the shapes above the air bubble, the air bubble itself, use a fused toe cap and that would be an awesome shoe.

    If you think that it won’t meet your ludicrously high standards, then maybe watch the amount of amazing tricks McCrank does in them in Menikmati and think again.

    • ALUMNI

      February 18, 2014 9:57pm

      oh Oliver…sweet little Oliver. Ill just say that McCrank could skate in literally anything. This ugly ass moon-boot that was the ES Creager didnt help Rick land anything he couldnt have nailed wearing a pair of wooden clogs.
      I do , however award you points for removing all the horrible accents on that shoe in your revamp description. kudos.
      touch peaches buddy boy.

      on a side note, being that this is posted in and Adidas Stan Smith post, ill add my stupid 2 cents about that pair.
      well, Fuck Stan Smith. the edit with the team talking about Stan and all that shit was plain stupid. shit was wack and you all know it. Gonz backin it only made things worse (although he spoke the best lines in the edit). The shoes are dope though & always have been dope but, Stan Smith is a womanizing asshole and was convicted of hate crimes in the early 90s. Thats a bold face lie but, you like to smell tacos so bite it.


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