In & Out: Skate Shoes That Left Too Soon – Pt 3

For those of you who skated these, if you went primo, you knew you were fucked.

For those of you who skated these, if you went primo, you knew you were fucked.

As probably the most requested s.s.t.l.t.s., the Rowley SPV seems to have a place in a lot of people’s heart. For those who weighted over the 180lbs mark, these shoes were clearly never meant for you. Whereas the average skinny dude exclusively wore these on a daily basis, with cuffed pants. Don’t blame them though, can’t really see anyone rocking baggy pants with them. There are still countless stories out there of kids skating them, swearing by them and refusing to skate anything else. To those consumers, we say: welcome the idea of walking with a cane by 40, tops.

Honorable other flop: Vans J-Lay

Short-lived because they were shitty or because Emerica was going in a different direction? What's your guess?

Short-lived because they were shitty or because Emerica was going in a different direction? Dunno. What’s your guess?

You won’t find much nostalgia behind the Emerica Liverpool because it was a model that exemplifies this list perfectly. It was literally around for three seasons and then gone without warning. With that said, this won’t be Emerica’s most missed model but it lands on this list because of it’s speedy disappearance. Most models at least gather a following, whereas the Liverpool seemed to have flopped even though it looked like an ideal skate shoe. From gathering testimonials online and through 1 or 2 friends that happened to skate the Liverpool, we found out that they skated exactly like éS Square 2′s. Not hard to believe considering their similarities.

Honorable other flop: Emerica Sza

A pointy cupsole with great boardfeel. Sucks that it's gone.

A pointy cupsole with great boardfeel. Sucks that it’s gone.

The 76 was a step in the right direction for Fallen. It was simplified cupsole with a tech look but it didn’t go too far over in terms of design. We reviewed it and still remember how good the flick was but since then, the memory is all we’ll have. More than just missing his shoe, many are wondering where Tom Asta is headed next. Some have argued that he’ll stick with the Nike flow that he appears to be on while others have spotted him rocking DC Mike Mo’s. It isn’t clear where he’s headed but one thing is for sure, those who tried out his pro model miss it.

Honorable other flop: Fallen Carlin (even though they never came out)

Part’s one and two.
Another one bites the dust? Expect some of their models to end up here if so.

13 thoughts on In & Out: Skate Shoes That Left Too Soon – Pt 3

  1. James on said:

    hearing that liverpools skated like square twos makes me want a pair…… square twos were one of the best shoes i’ve ever skated.

  2. imran on said:

    surprised the square two’s aren’t on here..well es as whole should be on here :(

  3. Henry B. on said:

    The Rowley SPVs are the best shoe I’ve ever skated. Guess I’m gonna be with a cane at 40 haaha

  4. dav on said:

    my guess is the emerica liverpools were kind of replaced with the jinx 2 (aswell as the original jinx). the panelling is obviously different but the whole medium thickness vulc shoe qualities are there

  5. I have the rowley spv, after reading this it made me not want to skate the s.p.v anymore.

  6. Eric Swick on said:

    The season before the liverpool came out the emerica rep told me they were making that shoe because it was to replace the es square twos since es was no longer around, i loved the square twos, but never got to try the liverpools, all my friends that did though actually really liked them, its a shame they stopped making it

  7. Everett RIdgeway on said:

    If I could, I would stock up on like 5 pair of black/white SPV’s

  8. ALUMNI on said:

    did i mention the reynolds Cruisers? why would you dump that shoe? such a good shoe.

    just sayin.

    • James on said:

      The new Provost is kind of its successor wouldnt you say?

    • rick on said:

      also they cruisers were around for like 4-5 years I think. so definitely they haven’t left too soon

  9. Chris G on said:

    180lbs dudes need cup soles trust me

  10. Radit on said:

    i think all of Dustin Dollin shoes left too soon

  11. Jared on said:

    SPVs are absolutely perfect if you just swap out the insoles for something a little more cushioning. I’m skating mine with DTTF insoles from a pair of Etnies Bledsoes.

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