First 5-Hours with the Nike SB Lunar Gato

First 5-Hours with the Nike SB Lunar Gato. Is it holding up to your standards?

First 5-Hours with the Nike SB Lunar Gato. Is it holding up to your standards?

By now you’ve watched the Nike SB Chronicles 2 and loved every second of it. Now you’re wondering what shoe to get next because the video psyched you up that much. Can’t say we blame you. In classic fashion, everyone’s part stood out in one way or another. Our favorites were Donovan, Luan, Shane & Justin Brock, in no particular order. They all killed it in classic fashion but Donovan or Don P. (we like the latter) really deserved that opening part. Very stylish and he did the Gato’s justice. Where many are apprehensive towards the soccer-inspired skate shoe, we’ve been enjoying it. Obviously not to the extent of how Don P. has been skating them, but we’ve done a kickflip or 2 in them and they’re working out just fine.

As stated in our FG, the TPU embossed toe cap feels coarse at first but then flicks perfectly every time once it’s worn down. We can tell that it will be for some and not for others. The main breaking point for some is the roundness of the toe. It’s currently working wonders for us but we can see why others will be turned off by it. There is some sort of saving grace though. The toe on the Lunar Gato’s tends to shape itself accordingly as you continue to skate it. The likelihood of it going from a rounded toe to a more narrow toe as you skate it is high. Basically, it’ll conform to your foot so long as you keep kickflipping in them.

5-Hours of kickflips, backside flips and any other toe-flick variation you can think of. No soccer kicking though.

5-Hours of kickflips, backside flips and any other toe-flick variation you can think of. No soccer kicking though.

The overall feel of the shoe is in line with the vulc-feel/cupsole support of today. It has a solid amount of board feel and to our surprise, the outsole works great against our griptape. We really had our doubts that the original outsole from the original Gato would transfer over so well but guess what, we were wrong. Expect a full review on these shoes in the near future. We’re having a good time skating them, the only real constructive criticism we have is the lack of arch support. Again, if you have a wider foot, the Lunar Gato’s might not be for you. Oh, that and that the laces keep ripping. Part of the job though, right? If you like the way these look after skating for 5-hours, check em out here.

Off topic, but not really, who had the best part? Gonna stubbornly say it’s a tie between Don P. and Justin Brock. Dammit, wish he still skated in Dunks though.

6 thoughts on First 5-Hours with the Nike SB Lunar Gato

  1. trevor on said:

    did you stop watching before Ishods part or something?

    • Ripped Laces on said:

      This part still reigns supreme. Nike part isn’t as good as this.

      We’re probably sitting on a REAL cold bench right about now.

  2. diggity on said:

    These are so, so shit. Maybe there isn’t this association in the US of A, but in the United Kingdom (Great Britain/England/that old place on the small island), the only people who wear anything that looks like this are those kicking the football (soccer ball) around during a 5-a-side match, small children in footy (soccer) clobber, or Eastern European immigrants with a shocking dress sense who don’t realise their footwear is intended to be entirely utilitarian and not worn to Asda on a Saturday morning.

    Does Ripped Laces receive anything other than free shoes to review Nike? Could I suggest an article focusing on the smothering of the independents by corporations like Nike? It could involve an analysis of their coercive tactics to insure their products dominate the shit out of competitors in skateshops.

    • Ripped Laces on said:

      Feel free to send any of your submission ideas to – info (at) rippedlaces DOT com.

      Thanks for the feedback/suggestion.

  3. Mark on said:

    You should’ve reviewed P-Rod 7s first before this.

  4. SC on said:

    These look really nice! My roommate has a pair of the normal soccer ones, and I’ve used them for indoor, but I always thought about how they would skate. I not sure whether to get these or the BA for my next shoe

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