10 Best Skate Shoes of 2013: 10-6

Who had your favorite skate shoe of 2013?

What brand had your favorite skate shoe of 2013?

2013 was one hell of a year for skateboarding footwear. Every company had something to prove with the huge movement in tech footwear. Everyone brought something to the table in terms of design and kept footwear unpredictable this year, that’s for sure. Some designs made sense while others flopped as fast as they were conceived.

Our list isn’t like many others. This list is compiled of shoes that had to come out in 2013. Also, we’re basing ours off of numerous aspects. Durability, design, technology, innovation, popularity and comfortability all come into play with this list. Lastly, this list was made possible from all of our reviews, contributors and data. Enjoy.


ConverseKA210. Converse KA II
Kenny can do no wrong. That’s one of the fundamental rules of skateboarding and it continues to hold true with his latest pro model. The KA II was a silent killer during 2013 and gained a fan base of its own throughout the year. Every year Converse introduces a new pro model into the mix, obviously we’re anticipating their moves in 2014 but more so, we’re looking forward to more KA II colorways and more footage. Not on a bike though, preferably on the board, please.

VansChimaW9. Vans Chima
The Vans Chima lands on this list for its bravery. If we learned anything in 2013, it was that brands weren’t holding back when flaunting their technical ability. The theory of having an indestructible canvas shoe sounds amazing. It pleases both an eager skate community that’s in need of something new and the loyal vegan crowd that often gets forgotten. The Chima provides something different and in the process, delivers some innovation that’ll keep the market striving for better technology.

DVSVapor18. DVS Vapor
As one of the many surprises of the year, DVS caught us off guard with their latest technological offering. The Vapor was subtle in its appearance but deliver some satisfying results after 20 hours of skating. The grippy outsole and narrow toe were essential aspects of the shoe’s success but their Vapor technology made it that much better. We’re already looking forward to the new Chico pro model for 2014.

HUFSutter7. HUF Sutter
HUF, you motherfuckers. Not only are you slowly taking over the handsome market, you’re doing it in the most beautiful fashion. They land at number 7 on this list for their newly introduced Sutter team model. If HUF entirely wasn’t trying to fill the void that Gravis left behind, the Sutter certainly is one pro model that will. Its recessed paneling and simple look give it that allure that only Dylan and Austyn can pull off. Rumors are already circulating about Dylan’s pro model, due to come out in Fall ’14. Will it top this list by this time next year? Only one way to find out.

LakaiVincent6. Lakai Vincent
If crazy technology was trending during 2013, Lakai let it be known that they were riding to the beat of their own drum. They didn’t put out any crazy cupsoles, they weren’t chasing trends or rereleasing runner toes. We can appreciate that. Especially with the simplicity of the Vincent Pro. From skating it, a number of things became evident: You don’t have to go overboard to please the masses or be different. The market is still fond of something simple that’ll work just as good as any overly-technical shoe. The Vincent’s skated great and didn’t force you to dress like you were back in ’94 in the process.

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  1. Chris White

    December 30, 2013 8:10pm

    I love all the work you guys do on this website. Without you guys I wouldn’t have a clue about any up and coming shoes in the next year I appreciate it a lot. (PS do you guys know if DC is bringing any other shoes back besides the Lynx)

  2. Joseph Meza

    January 1, 2014 6:04pm

    I love this site! I need to get me a hoodie soon


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