RL Hoodies – Available Now

OverviewThe RL Hoodie is finally available. It’s been about two years since our initial run of hoodies. Then, they were only made for some close friends that insisted on wearing a piece of the site somewhere on their body. Others who couldn’t wait, ended up writing Ripped Laces on their panties. No photo documentation was ever found but trust us, it happened.

After years of reviewing various products, it seems only right to review our own.

Full Review:
This Ripped Laces hoodie is a 80% cotton/20% polyester blend fleece. Of two styles of hoodies, the RL hoodie was printed on a soft heavyweight fabric. The other hoodie wasn’t worthy of our logo. It repels security guards and over-concerned parents from bothering you at skate-parks and/or spots. The hoodie itself can serve as many other things: blanket, pillow (when folded), a pair of sweatpants with a huge breathable hole for the crotch region and a doormat.

From early tests and studies, we found that the RL hoodie will also attract the opposite sex – with the potential of having them pay for every meal. Those same studies showed that eventually, the attracted subject will try to steal your RL hoodie from you. Create boundaries or keep your RL hoodie in a safe box or vault. In the event that he or she is successful in stripping you of your beloved hoodie, quickly buy another one. We only made 30.

Shipping info:
Thanks to everyone who is willing to support the site & wear it wherever. Currently, our webstore is only selling to the US. If you’re really, really, really, willing to pay extra for shipping outside of the US, please email us at info@rippedlaces.com and we’ll let you know how much it’ll cost (so you can tell us “No thanks, not worth it”). We’d suggest a bulk order between you and your friends, just so that shipping is worth the cost. If you have no friends, buy one for your mom or household pet.

The full photo, along with extra info, is at our webstore. Buy here or click on our shop button at the top of the site, it finally works.


  1. Chris White

    November 11, 2013 6:18pm

    You guys should make the hoodies in a small as well. They look sick and I want one but its not in my size. P.S. I love your website its the only legit shoe review website good work.

  2. Tyler Dombrowski

    March 14, 2014 11:32pm

    This looks like a cool shirt-type deal, nice for skating in the cold days of spring and the crispy nights of fall. Gotta say though, I need one of those ‘eS coffee mugs….


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