Rarities: Lakai Select Indio All Weather

Although shops and buyer weren't embracing these Winter Edition Indio, we could see them working

Although shops & buyers weren’t embracing these Winter Edition Indio, we could really see them working today, just with a better outsole.

Lakai’s Indio skate model has been a silent killer. As one of their few mid-top options, the Indio is there to fill the needs of those who’ve had some bad luck with keeping their ankles in place. This month, consumers would’ve had a chance to not only support their ankles but to also stay extremely warm in the process with the Indio All Weather. With some wool-like lining, the winterized Indio would’ve made a great rainy day shoe and an even better skate shoe.

Originally schedule to be released this winter season, the All Weather-based Indio didn’t meet the demands of consumers and were left out of the final production line-up. As a part of our rarities section, take a solid look at these because they won’t be released, ever. If only these had the Griffin outsole, they’d be one of the better mid-tops on the market today. In fact, even without the rubber toe cap or the Griffin outsole, you could consider them one of the better mid’s today mainly because of how reasonably priced they are. For $64, the Lakai Indio X Quiet Life collab shoe could be yours. Probably even cheaper on Cyber Monday. It’s been awhile since we reviewed a midtop. Might have to check these out and report back to you guys. Anybody skate these yet?

Btw, if you’re a size 9, consider yourself one of the lucky ones. Here’s your chance to get em. Don’t blow it.



    December 9, 2013 11:51pm

    these Blazers are dope.


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