Lakai X Homage Brooklyn Video Weartest

As we tackle another shoe review, we’re looking for some superior aspects that differentiate one shoe from everything else in constantly growing skate shoe market. With the Vincent Alvarez Pro Model, we happen to find some subtleties that make it a simple skate shoe that you’ll love with small, but important differences when compared to other shoes.

Here's our results from skating the Vincent's. From the box to over 20-hours of skating.

Here’s our results from skating the Vincent’s. From out of the box to over 20-hours of skating.

Aside from what was said in the video weartest, the Lakai Alvarez has small changes that’ll win you over within a small period of time. For one, it’s a cup/vulc hybrid that’s different from any other (and no, we’re not just saying that). While other cupsoles would sell you on how light they are without sacrificing protection, the Vincent’s offer the opposite. For a vulcanized shoe, it’s quite heavy. Not so much to the point where you feel like you have ankle weights on but it’s noticeable. From our weartest with the HOMAGE BK crew, some didn’t mind it while others did. The weight of the shoe is dependable in keeping your feet from hurting, especially in comparison with most vulc shoes.

The outsole wear from out the box to over 20-hours of skating.

The outsole wear from out the box to over 20-hours of skating.

The addition of the new Griffin outsole is great. Even for a herringbone outsole, it still does take some time to break-in. Some can skate these Vincent’s right out the box but, our experience called for a solid 2-hours before we felt comfortable enough skating the shoe. As you might imagine with a vulcanized sole, it sheds along the griptape pretty easily & once you get that kickflip groove, the performance of the Vincent’s only gets better. This is most definitely a solid upgrade from Lakai’s treasured Manchester model. The main difference between the Vincent’s & the Manchester’s are the board feel performance, outsole & height of the sole.

If you have any other questions about the Vincent’s & our experience with them, leave some comments below & we’ll be sure to respond.

Thanks again to Homage BK, Dan Mandell & the rest of the crew for setting up this weartest. Expect more down the line.


  1. A-A-RON

    October 2, 2013 6:00pm

    Dang, I love shoes that look better skated. Skating the Cream and Gum Griffins right now and loving em’. Can’t wait to get these and those Guy Slip Ons I’ve heard so much about. Keep killin it.

  2. clang

    April 15, 2014 11:24am

    can you take the insoles out? or are they glued in?


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