Agenda Sneak Peek: DVS SP’14



With promises of new models due in fall of 2014, DVS seems to be embracing change & their heritage. While talking to one of their designers, we were told that there’s a slight possibly of bringing in their once popular airbag technology into some newer skate models; along with a Torey 3 that’s already in the works. It sucks to say but, we’ll just have to wait and see if that happens. If they do indeed bring back their airbag system, we’ll be sure to add it to the ever-growing list of reoccurring technology that skateboarding footwear has been seeing lately. How much longer until the stash tongue comes back? You’d figure with all the plant-life success & branding, that the tongue stash would be back by now. Weird.


Can’t wait for our full-20 hour review of the Vapors? If not, check them out here. $75

When mentioning newer models, the Vapor team model immediately comes to mind. As far as we’ve come to discover, it’s their most technical (while remaining subtle) design. The use of the midsole, in regards to colorways & it’s practical use, is pretty versatile. You should expect the designers at DVS to be using this foam injected midsole to create some of the best looking colorways for the Vapor. It’s got a ton of cushioning & doesn’t weigh down the shoe in the process. The recessed paneling & one-piece toe makes this model pretty ideal for anyone who’s looking for a long lasting skate shoe. There’s still no word on how long the Vapors last but we’ll be reviewing them shortly.


The Jarvis won’t hurt your pockets but they can stand up to a pretty good beating on the board. – $60

If you’re looking for a functional model that’s going to give you the perfect feel out of the box, then you’d probably be skating the Jarvis. It’s simple & straightforward design makes it convenient for anyone who doesn’t want to wait through hours of break-in time. What makes the Jarvis even better is it’s “Sk8Fusion” technology. This piece of technology is a layer of PU (polyurethane) directly underneath the toe cap. As you might’ve expected, it’ll easily extend your shoes life expectancy so you don’t feel cheated out of your money.


The Daewon 13 VPR & Torey VPR. The

On the more stylish side, DVS has released a limited series of textile paneling on the Torey & Daewon 13 models. Along with the good look, both models also feature the same high rebound foam technology as the Vapor. You technically could skate these, but you’re ToreyOutsoleprobably better off just looking good in them. Will these be featured in that list of “Skate Shoes That Get You Ass” article that we’ve been meaning to put out? You’ll just have to wait & see. Speaking of getting cheeks, we heard that a new Chico shoe is bound to come out soon. Apparently, he’s been drawing a ton of inspiration off of his first pro model. Can this be the model that brings back their retro-technology? We’ll try to get a sneak peek on that shoe asap.


  1. Tyler Dombrowski

    March 8, 2014 1:42am

    Those Vapors look dope! After breaking them in I bet they’d skate good. At 5’11” and 210 pounds I can tell you sore feet are a sad reality with most shoes haha. Airbags do help. I’d love to see a review on them, and the New Daewon’s look dope. Thing is, when I see kicks that smooth I can’t help but think “you know, that suede looks good, but it would look waaay better when I’m doing a fakie varial flip to boneless off the ledge haha.” DVS (devious shoe co lol) always makes dope shoes that take the best from the 80’s. I’m stoked for the reviews!


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