Agenda Sneak Peek: Adidas Spring ’14

Busenitz ADV in Blk/Wht & Light Scarlet/Blk/Gum. Both suede. - $90

Busenitz ADV in Blk/Wht & Light Scarlet/Blk/Gum. Both suede. – $90

Leave it to Adidas to always come out with promising colorways & simple models to consistently win you over. In their SP14 collection, they’re sticking to this reliable formula to keep the masses pleased. Can they do any wrong? Probably not.

With a straightforward aesthetic, you’re bound to find something that’ll fit your needs within their new Spring collection. Still no sign of a Jake shoe or colorway, but you should expect that to potentially come out somewhere around Fall’14 or early 2015.

The Gonz Pro in Cargo/Khaki/uni Blue & Mid Grey/Uni Blue/Running Wht. -$70

The Gonz Pro in Cargo/Khaki/Uni Blue & Mid Grey/Uni Blue/Running Wht. -$70

Gonz Slip-On - $60

Gonz Slip-On – $60

The Gonz Pro skates like a Slip-On but has the looks of your traditional skate shoe. You can expect superior boardfeel & fit with the combination of the elastic collar & sockliner. It’s likely to be a fan favorite in no time. The same can definitely be said about the Gonz Slip-On. Both models aren’t immensely different but do have a distinctive look that caters to different people. Be that as it may, they both give off the same feel when skating in them. Within his signature series of shoes, the elastic bands & sockliners look to be favorites of the Gonz but who can blame him.

What is different between the two is the bumper/ollie patch that some skateboarder’s have been missing for too long. It’s placement is ideal for anyone looking to skate them, especially when compared to other staple slips-ons. The Gonz Slip-On should prevent a substantial amount of wear on the shoes, but we can see some consumers being put off by its out-of-charater look. Doesn’t matter though, this is function over fashion & hopefully that’ll be enough reason for consumers to pick these up.


  1. Joe Flores

    April 2, 2014 12:56am

    The slip-ons skate like a champ but agree with the sole wearing fast. Love them!


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