Agenda Sneak Peek: New Balance Numeric Spring ’14

NB# had a privatized booth but for those who couldn't get in, they pleasantly watched the NB# 'Place in the Sun' video a week in advance. Pretty good tradeoff.

NB# had a privatized booth but for those who couldn’t get in, they pleasantly watched the ‘Place in the Sun’ video before it’s official debut. Pretty good tradeoff.

As one of the most anticipated lines of the year, consumers are curious as ever to see NB# ongoing commitment to skateboarding. Their debut line should be hitting select skate shops this week to skaters that are uninterested but curious or for those that need no convincing.

This years line looks just as diverse at their first series with the addition of rich yet subtle colorways. All of the following models will stick out on their own without distracting you too much from landing tricks.


An Arto favored shoe cannot do you wrong. The Quincy 254 in Blue/Gum & Estate Blue/ Gold Yellow – $65

It doesn’t get any simpler than the Quincy 254. This straightforward vulcanized shoe is ideal for anyone looking to slip-on shoes & go skate, right out the box. We’ve seen Arto countless time with this shoe so with his approval & blessing, we don’t need any convincing that the Quincy is a functional & potentially lasting vulc skate shoe.

The series of Brighton shoes (above) are coming in both a low and a high model. They’re both equally accommodating for whatever your needs are. As the only model featuring ankle protection & stability, the Brighton High 354 is your simplified high-top with the same technology as the initial Brighton 344. They both feature an elastic gusseted tongue that’ll give you a snug fit and in the process, keep your tongue centered at all times.


You’ll easily recognize this model as PJ’s favorite shoe. The Stratford 479 in Moon Blue/ High Red & Pirate Black/Micro Grey. – $85

If our predictions can foresee anything, it’s that the Stratford 479 will be NB#’s most Stratford.479.BlkMicroGreypopular shoe. It’s not just because of PJ’s incredible skating either (well, that doesn’t hurt though). It’s the combination of PJ sporting these consistently and it’s fair price tag that keep us thinking that the Stratford will likely bring nothing but good things for NB#. Also, it’s not a bad looking shoe. Probably one of the better looking cupsoles we’ve seen in a while.


As their most technical shoe yet, the Logan 637 has been rumored to not disappoint.  – $95

Seeing as how we’ve experience the incredible REVlite technology within New Balance’s running shoes, we can only assume that the Logan 637 will seriously be perfect for skateboarding. As one of two models featuring REVlite, the Logan’s use of this high rebound foam compound gives you the responsiveness & cushioning of a foam that’s 30% heavier than it’s weight. Obviously, this makes for an ideal shoe for drops, stairs, gaps, etc… but we’re sure that this cushy compound can’t hurt anyone looking to skate a couple of ledges and flatground. Our only concern is that consumers will be scared off by it’s $95 price tag without knowing it’s degree of durability. The Logan definitely merits a review, in order to see if it holds up to ours & your standards.

This is not all of what NB# has to offer. There are 2 new models due for 2014 that couldn’t be shot by our camera but this won’t stop us from telling you a couple of things about them. One of them is a cupsole, the other a vulcanized shoe. The vulc shoe looks as though it’s heavily inspired by the eS Koston 1. It has similar lines that’ll remind you of it’s design while drawing characteristics from other NB staples.

The cupsole is said to be inspired by the New Balance 620 running shoe. It’s the other model, like the Logan 637, that’ll have REVlite technology in it’s midsole. The paneling on the toe is reminiscent of a rubber toe cap and has a mesh underlying layer. It’s definitely one of the models that caught our eye, with it’s interesting colorways and design.

Out of all these shoes, what model are you looking forward to trying the most? And which one is the best looking?


  1. kh

    August 12, 2013 5:48pm

    I was expecting NB to be some commercial shit, but they keep proving me wrong. And they have their own “face”. I like it.

    • Finnish

      August 12, 2013 9:29pm

      It’s nice to have big corporations with ”good attitudes.” They’re developing a concept of their
      own. I’ve had high hopes on NB# from the moment they revealed they’re jumping into skateboarding. Fully backing them up.
      one other thing… I always enjoy reading stuff like ”Our only concern is that consumers will be scared off by it’s $95 price tag…” meanwhile in Finland 80-95€ (about 106-126$) is a regular price for a decent skate shoe.

    • Ripped Laces

      August 13, 2013 5:50pm

      It’s definitely strange how NB# happened to find their own identity in the skateboarding footwear world. Definitely had reservations about what heritage they could play off of but they don’t seem to have a problem using some of their classic running shoe staples as a starting point to make unique looking skate shoes.

  2. Ethan

    August 13, 2013 4:01pm

    The Quincy and The Brighton look stale to me. PJ’s shoe looks solid, and I’m excited for the shoe that seems to be Koston inspired, but I personally would be a little bummed to look down at my feet while I’m on a skateboard and see the NB “N” blaring from my shoes. These shoes looks interesting and are probably great, but I would much rather see a Lakai flare busting off my feet, or try whatever new technology Sole Tech has thought up.

  3. dale

    August 18, 2013 3:17am

    I just picked up a pair of the Quincy today, and i love the immediate flex on the sole right out of the box. I love the classic NB details without making it look too techy. Im all for the direction Jamie is taking NB#, cannot wait to get out in the next hour and skate them!
    PS: I loved the feel of the cupsoles, Logan and Stratford, but I wasnt really down with the current colorways, cant wait for the next season!

  4. Ian

    October 17, 2013 4:05am

    I just bought a pair of Logan 637’s… First thoughts are that it fits snug and low to the ground, very solid likeness to the DC Mike Mo. After wearing for a full day, the Mike Mo feeling is still there! VERY similar shoe. I do expect that the NB will be significantly more durable due to the synthetic upper they are using and slightly burlier outsole. Boardfeel is right there with the DC, the NB feels a little more cushioned, but slightly less grippy tread on the sole. Is it worth $10 more than Mike Mo’s kicks? Thats up to each person and their wallet, but means that NB# has made at least one incredible shoe in the first batch!

  5. MIKEY

    March 20, 2015 9:21pm

    Just recieved a pair of new balance 637 and theyre amazing. the boardfeel is really good after a couple squeezes to the outsole and the revlite technology is great. The shoe really makes your foot feel locked including in your heels where most shoes seem to slip off my foot. The grip for being a cupsole shoe is really good especially with this new tread pattern theyre using on the updated version. overall good lightweight, grippy, supportive, quality shoe, exactly what you would expect from new balance.


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