Agenda Sneak Peek: Lakai Spring ’14 – Part 2

It may not look like the most technical shoe but it's certainly the most tech shoe from Lakai. The BB4 - $75

It may not look like the most technical shoe but it’s certainly the most tech shoe from Lakai. The BB4 – $75

As everyone’s favorite skateboarding personality (without a TV show), Brandon Biebel has never had a dull moment. Whether it’s his consuming personality or unquestionable style on the board, Biebel always manages to please the masses. As one would expect, his latest pro model does the same. After his short lived previous pro model, noted as the one weed-inspired product to not do well, (maybe due to not enough weed leafs?) BB4Brandon has left his preference for paneled toe caps behind and has come out with the newly formed BB4. As it would appear, it’s your traditional one piece cupsole that can catch everyones eye but in actuality, it has more technology than you’d expect. In the BB4, you’ll find a layer of Poron as the underlying layer beneath the insole, a mesh lining interior & breathable inner sidewall. This shoe has all the traits to do well but we’re still curious to see what the marketing team at Lakai has up their sleeves to promote this upcoming model. Hopefully a full Biebel Part…we’ll keep our fingers crossed.

The GUY XLK stands at pretty reasonable $70. Get em while you can.

The GUY XLK stands at pretty reasonable $70. Get em while you can.

Another pro model that everyone is already looking forward too, (should be in skate shops & online by now) is the Guy XLK. It’s got to be one of the better models we’ve ever seen come from Lakai, aesthetically speaking. The TPR heel logo really makes the shoe pop & gives it more personality than most models. Aside from that, it actually acts as a support featuring by keep the heel counter nice & stable. The deco stitch clearly helps too. Expect to find yourself fighting to get either the BB4 or the GUY XLK considering how much they both offer. Their similarities are close but have enough to set them apart. It’ll definitely be hard choosing one over the other.

Most of us have been left in the dark when a company decides to change a popular model. Even if it’s in the slightest way, there’s no denying that we’d all like to know. Well, Lakai has been pretty open about the certain changes that they’ve made within the Marc, Brea & the Pico. Clearly, these are all staples in Lakai’s army of great skate shoes but they’ve let us know that they’ve done some tinkering to some of our favorite models. Firstly, the three of these models have a sleeker fit & as a result, a narrower toe. This is good news for most & some bad news for those that like these models they way they were. We’re definitely sympathetic towards those with larger feet. The design department has also decided to give each of these models the successful Griffin outsole. That’s definitely a blessing considering how deep the tread marks are within that outsole. Don’t be so skeptical if this news doesn’t get you psyched. Instead, look forward to trying on either of these three models once they hit your local shop & see if the difference is better for you.


Rifle Green Camo sounds & looks like a pretty badass colorway. Brea – $65

The assembly of one piece toe caps in Lakai’s arsenal is a bit surprising. Although let it be known that this is what consumers want, our fear for them lies in showcasing models that are the same but with different labels. This argument can go on for days but they ultimately justify their designs in offering something different in each shoe. Whether it’s a better fit, sleeker toe or an additional dual density sidewall, you’ll manage to find the shoe that’s for you from Lakai. The only bad thing is finding which one to choose from.

On Monday, we’lll be featuring their new Echelon series of shoes. As Scott Johnston’s brainchild, these are non-skate shoes that are strictly for those looking for an ideal “off the board” shoe. See you then. Have a good weekend.


  1. Sam T.

    September 6, 2013 1:34am

    Are you guys going to do a review on the Lakai Guy?

  2. Tyler Dombrowski

    April 17, 2014 12:56am

    Man, I’ve always wanted some Lakai’s. They have always looked like Boutique quality to me, and everyone that shreds ’em says they’re super legit. Imma get the BB4, then pump the iron hard and hopefully one day challenge Biebel to an arm wrestling match haha


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