25 Skateboarders in 2013 Without A Shoe Sponsor: 10-6

The last shoes we saw on Bastien's feet were some Mikey Taylor DC's. Potential possibility...?

The last shoes we saw on Bastien’s feet were some Mikey Taylor DC’s. Potential shoe sponsor possibility…?

10. Clint Walker

We know that you all saw this part already & as a result, your brain turned into mush. Well, after realizing that he doesn’t have a steady shoe sponsor after dropping that Ambig part, our brains are still in mush form. Whether it comes to being industry-politics, him proving his longevity rather than a one-trick pony or whatever, we’re ultimately surprised that no shoe brand decided to snatch him up while he was ripe for the picking. Here’s to hoping that he proves everyone wrong by putting out another insane part.

Pros: Does not give a fuck about his well-being.
Cons: Still has to prove his longevity.

Recently seen in: Dekline and Emerica
Would be nice to see him on: Fallen or C1RCA, not only does he seem like a good fit for either brand, but he’d also be a huge asset for either of them.

9. Willy Akers

We hate, and we mean HATE, that Willy is on this list. If you’ve been lucky enough to witness his skating firsthand, you’d probably hate the fact that he doesn’t have a solid sponsor backing him too. Currently, he’s on Emerica flow-pro program and we’d love that to change. If any brand should increase their east coast presence, it’s Emerica and they can easily do that with a couple of ad’s featuring Akers. With rumors circling about another 5Boro video in the works, Willy is bound to amaze us all again. If nothing with Emerica changes between now and the debut date of this rumored video, we can see Willy easily finding another shoe sponsor.

Pros: He’s a natural ATV. (probably should’ve been in that video too)
Cons: Can’t think of any.

Recently seen in: Emerica
Would be nice to see him on: Adidas, maybe through a potential Danny Falla connection….? They could up their tranny quota a bit.

8. Danny Montoya

With one of our favorite styles ever, it’s hard to believe that an OG like Danny Montoya is still in shoe sponsor limbo. More specifically, in Cons limbo; one the worst limbo’s of them all. How long did it take until Zered got fully on again? And that was after the fact that he was killing it harder than most of the dudes on their payroll. Granted, Danny hasn’t been as consistent at putting out footage in the last few months, but his history alone should earn him a space on the Cons team. Top 5 best fs Noseslides & switch game? No question about it.

Pros: Continues to blow minds, even as a company owner & rep for MH.
Cons: Everyone is good at switch now, making it harder for Danny to stick out like he used to.

Recently seen in: Cons
Would be nice to see him on: HUF or NB#, for some reason, either move seems more promising than waiting out on a Cons deal.

7. Bastien Salabanzi

Probably the biggest paradox in skateboarding, especially at a time where your marketability is more valued than the tricks you do, is still shoe sponsor-less even with his consistent appearances on skateboarding’s biggest stage. Yes, we’re talking about the self-cheering Bastien Salabanzi. After being exiled from the skateboarding industry for many years, he suddenly returned with his new European-based sponsors & the same bag of tricks that we’ve all been anticipating to see. Since his reappearance, everyone has been pondering his next sponsors now that he’s involved with mainstream skateboarding again. After leaving long-time board sponsor Jart skatboards, there was a rumor that he’d end up on Plan B. With Prod leaving, could this be the opening that he was waiting for to get on? His shoe sponsor situation is the same. We’ve heard countless things but still have no hint as to where he’ll end up.

Pros: Probably the greatest competitive showman skateboarder who ever lived.
Cons: Needs to start winning Street League so companies will value him but other than that, he’s perfect.

Recently seen in: Nike and DC
Would be nice to see him on: Etnies or DC, either brand would have a field day with whatever antics Bastien does.

6. Peter Hewitt

Given the situation between Peter Hewitt & Nike, it’d be wrong not to give him a spot on the list. The linked article in the last sentence namelessly talks about the state of events that ultimately tarnished Peter Hewitt from being on Nike. If their business practices didn’t turn you off, read that article to find out exactly why he was kicked off.

Pros: Considered by many to be tranny god.
Cons: Old fart that calls it like it is. (kind of a pro in our eyes though…)

Recently seen in: Probably slippers.
Would be nice to see him on: Anything, we just wanna see him shred.

Final 5 coming next week.


  1. tomm

    August 9, 2013 4:15pm

    There is a 5boro video in the works… and the stuff Akers is getting will further confuse you as to why a legitimate shoe sponsor hasn’t fully supported him yet. But the beauty about Akers is that he sincerely couldn’t care less… he’s the real deal.

    • Ripped Laces

      August 15, 2013 2:35pm

      Can’t wait for the video.
      Akers is amazing. Stoked that he could give no fucks about it.

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