News Update: #WaitWhat #NoReallyWTFisGoingOn

With the shoe rumors out of the way, should we tackle his sexuality next? We'd probably get that wrong too.

With the shoe rumors out of the way, should we tackle his sexual orientation next? We’d probably get that wrong too.

Seeing as how we already used up our “2pac – Changes” reference for this article, we’ll have to run with this screen grab from Dylan’s insta. It just makes sense to run with another fallacious rumor after we were wrong about his shoe sponsor, right? Some things are just meant to be.

Distributing faulty information aside, skateboarding is on the fritz right now. With everything going 100mph, we’ve decided to compile some of the craziest moment’s within this last week alone. Shit is cray, as some would say.

The Forrest Edwards show continues. As if we didn’t already have enough love for Forrest, after watching this clip, we’re fully convinced that the skateboarding industry is out to sabatoge him from ever having a successful career. After bouncing from sponsor to sponsor, it seems as though that BlackBox is fully backing him. Any potential of him being on NB#? We hope so. After watching the clip above, it only proves that he’s capable of doing whatever he wants on a board, which in turn reminds us of Danny Gonz. Could that explain the reasoning behind this clip hairstyle?


You can’t collect unemployment if you’re only working for a company for a week & a half Alex! Someone let him know.

About 2-3 Weeks ago, Thrasher Magazine’s instagram announced BA’s newest project, 3D Skateboards, along with his new team riders, Alex Olson & Austyn Gillette. Since that announcement, we’ve all been anticipating more news from the newly formed team.  Considering the sponsors that they all left, they all certainly have their work cut out for them  but as the world waited on another avant-garde black & white clip from Alex Olson & Fat Bill, he did what some already expected. He left 3D skateboards before putting in any actual work. As some may have thought, it was a marketing ploy/ joke but we can assure you, it isn’t. With certification in that regard, we had no fucking clue where he may end up…

As you may have already heard PRod quit Plan B. No one really expected another pro to quit & start his own board company but it seems to be the latest trend taking over. Many have done it in the past to go on to create massively successful brands, but when you’re as fortunate as PRod to have a sponsor(s) that not only provides food on the table for free but also pay you in the process, why is there a need for more? Many are guessing Primitive Skateboards will happen as a result of him leaving Plan B & there have even been talks of Paul taking some Street League riders with him in the process but only time will tell.

Marc Johnson is keeping it real as fuck. In one of the most surprising interviews to date for 2013, he lays it all out on the table & gives insight on what most skaters don’t know. He goes as far as blowing the whistle on Nike & how there policy’s (buying minimums) put skate shops out of business and more. If you haven’t read it already, which would be surprising, click this now. Them boys over at Jenkem are doing it right.

Dylan Austyn

Between finding out that Austyn & Dylan were on HUF, it put all of our sources & rumors to rest shame. In an effort to defend our validity, we received so many calls, texts, & emails regarding where either of these dudes would land. Are we sorry for publishing faulty information to the internet? Probably not. But now that they are on HUF, we’re curious to see how their pro models are going to look.  Will another logo-less, dress shoe appear on HUF as it did with Gravis…? Probably. Even though we were off on our guesses, we did say that HUF was the best brand with the potential to win over that pretty boy/dressy demographic. So technically, we basically knew that these two would end up at HUF eventually, right? Whew! Then all is right with the world.

Agenda Sneak Peeks, coming all next week. Stay tuned.


  1. whew20

    July 23, 2013 6:37am

    thank god they ended up on huf!

  2. Miles

    July 23, 2013 2:14pm

    So I guess your list of the best skaters without a shoe sponsor is all messed up now

  3. yes

    August 16, 2013 9:05am

    Just quit trying to post about the latest skate news, this shitty fucking site is embarrassing. Stop with the tryhard humour and prevent further embarrassment.


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