AGENDA SNEAK PEEK: Emerica Spring 14


The Runner toe is making a comeback. Are you ready?

The brand that you idolized back in your teens is looking to win you back with their higher quality footwear (no, it’s not just a campaign slogan). We already showed you an exclusive first look at the brand new Westgate’s that have everyone taking a second look but we had to get a closer look once we stopped by the Emerica booth at Agenda.


Westgate’s outsole is just as intricate it’s upper.

For those of you that really aren’t feeling it from the computer screen, we can assure you that the Westgate’s deserve a closer look. From picking up the shoe & analyzing it from all angles, we can say that it’s surprising light and cushy as anything we’ve ever seen from Emerica. Although it is cushy, we did not notice a lack of boardfeel. The outsole is everything we loved about the early 2000’s & this shoe is taking us way back. It’s no exaggeration when we tell you that it’s one of the craziest outsoles we’ve seen in years. You can absolutely tell that it took many sleepless days & nights just to get it where it is today. Whether you’re into it or not, it’s nevertheless very impressive.

As many of us expected, the Reynolds Mid has now turned into a favorable Low. All the colorways are solid & with the addition of the Low, the diversity of the Emerica line has grown exponentially. For someone looking for a stair jumping cupsole, go with the Reynolds Mid or Low. The G6 on the other hand can handle a drop but we prefer it more for some solid flip tricks & ledge skating.

The Leo 2 is returning to consumers as a supportive cupsole with a brand new outsole to boast. This same outsole is already being used on the Heritic & looks as durable as ever. No one is questioning the durability of the shoe, rather than question that, we’re all just curious to see if Leo himself will actually skate a pair. Whether he does or not, we can definitely see ourselves skating a pair considering the shoe’s wide yet narrow toe box. It’s pretty ideal for anyone with a wide/large foot.


From what we hear from our friends at skate shops, skater’s don’t need any convincing when it comes to the Provost. Apparently, the tie dye lining and narrow toe seem to be selling the shoe without any questions, especially once you’ve try them on. Sounds like a pretty ideal skate shoe for the summer considering it’s thin construction and cold air intake system.


  1. Nate S

    July 17, 2013 10:27pm

    Really diggin the Provosts & Reynold lows!

  2. Surface to Air

    July 27, 2013 8:46pm

    Love to finally see domination and comeback of cupsoles. The runner really reminds me of the early 2000’s, so I wish it would mark a comeback era of tech cupsoles.

  3. alex cooper

    August 11, 2013 10:43pm

    Fucking hated the provost. Show fits really loose, I got my normal size and my foot was sliding around in it. Went down a whole size and my foot is cramped. Maybe I just need the 9 but the construction of the shoe keeps pushing my toes into the front of the shoe, hurting like hell


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