AGENDA SNEAK PEEK: DC Spring ’14 – Part 2

Centric S

At a reasonable $75, there is absolutely no reason for you to NOT try the Centric S.

Even with all the new additions DC has added to their already amazing arsenal, we still show a ton of favoritism to the Centric S. If you’ve skate this Kalis pro model, you simply know how incredible they make you feel. If not, read our in-depth review & get educated. As their catalog grows, we’ve notice that we’re seeing less & less colorways of the Centric. Hopefully SP14 isn’t the last we see of it. Really wanted to see this colorway make it to production. Petition anyone?

Mikey Taylor S - $65. Reasonable price for an above average performance cupsole.

Mikey Taylor S – $65. Reasonable price for an above average performance cupsole.

Although it never made it to our review process, we can tell you that the Mikey Taylor’s are one of the most underrated cupsoles. With a ton of protection & impact cushioning, the Taylor’s are probably the best cost effective cupsole for your dollar. Our friends at Open Skateboards loved them, so if you don’t believe us, hit them up. Keep an eye out for a premium Taylor SE for SP14. It’ll have a full leather upper & will only be $5 more than the original price.

Council S - $65

Council S – $65

With a huge resurgence of cupsoles in DC’s catalog, the Council S is one of the few choices left in the vulcanized category. For those that are still apprehensive about the toe panel on the Wes Kremer’s (Don’t know why doe…), the Council S is probably your best alternative next to the Tonik when looking for a one piece toe cap from DC.

Nyjah S - $75. Didn't see our review? Here you go.

Nyjah S – $75. Didn’t see our review? Here you go.

Lastly, as one of our most recent shoe reviews, we couldn’t forget about the Nyjah S. The super simple cupsole that allows Nyjah to do basically anything on the board is coming out in a variety of colorways. If you’re looking for a more straightforward look, go for the black with white stitching. If you’re feeling more colorful, hit up the Navy colorway with the Yellow accents. Expect the black with red accent colorway to roll over in the SP14 season.

We’re not done with our Agenda Sneak Peeks quite yet. Come back this week for more exclusive photos.


  1. Ian

    March 13, 2014 4:32pm

    Has anyone skated the Mikey Taylor? how is it?


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