AGENDA SNEAK PEEK: DC Spring ’14 – Part 1


DC Mike MO S – $85 for one of the best skate shoes out, no problem. And it’s cream? Hold on, gonna steal my mom’s credit card now.

It’s no surprise that DC is continually one-upping their previous footwear. Progressively, if your a brand and your line isn’t getting better & original as the years pass, you might as well shut down production. Thankfully, as it looks, that won’t be the case for DC. With the resurgence & demand for high-tech shoes in skateboarding, no brand has a better opportunity to work off of their heritage like DC. In the first part of two, check out how the designers have managed to remaine progressive, all without sacrificing too much in the process.

We meant it when we said it. DC is going back to their roots and are working with some of the best technology you can think of. 10 years ago, their footwear would’ve weighed you down & doubled as construction shoes but with the Cole Lite 2, it’s sleeker but just as technical as you might’ve thought. As with the Mike Mo S, it has a no sew design to prevent any blowouts from a stitched seam & has Super Suede throughout the shoe. With the Cole Lite 2, DC’s added a new ‘Dual Lite’ midsole. It’s everything that you experienced with the ‘UniLite’ midsole in the Mike Mo S but better in regards to cushioning & support. Even with everything said, we found that the design is not for everyone but we’re willing to bet that after trying them on, it’s going to convince consumers otherwise.

The day you’ve all been waiting for is finally here. The DC Lynx is back, not in it’s original form, but it’s back! Truth be told, we saw an early sample of the DC Lynx reissue last year and we can’t express how hard it was to keep quiet about it. Even then, DC told us that they were still undecided on whether they’d really go along with the design they had in mind but we’re grateful that it’s back. DC has been making us wait for many years now & it’s only because of how much respect they have for the shoe that helped them get where they are today. So far, the feedback has been great concerning the design but people have come out to say that they expected one of the two panels to be added to the shoe. Nevertheless, the effort put forth on the Lynx is a commendable one. We’re just hoping it skates as good as we remember.

Check back for part 2, this week.


  1. Piri

    July 26, 2013 9:15pm

    I’m just hoping that at some stage they reissue the first range-the Boxer, Status and my pick for #1 shoe ever, the Syntax.
    I mean what’s not to love?! The Lynx is the only shoe that’s touched the same level since. Oh maybe the Rickoos, but I’d presume they can’t reissue them. Or can they?
    I just can’t see them not selling like hotcakes!

  2. Jesse

    July 27, 2013 4:37pm

    The DC Lynx is not back. That’s an outline of a shoe made into one, like a koston one with lines drawn on it. Even the rubber toe bumper is painted one. Shit’s a joke.

  3. Heath

    July 31, 2013 6:50am

    Damn. Here’s confirmation that DC lost it’s edge. That was the first shoe ever with a runner toe and they’re scared to put that shit on there?! Guess who ain’t? Emerica

    Glad they waited all this time to make sure the Lynx was remake was awesome! Haha

  4. Dan

    September 19, 2013 5:17pm

    About time. I have three pairs left of the Lynx 2’s that I have been saving. Almost 29 years of skating… best shoes I have ever had(though that heel piece is still fucking annoying)… except for maybe the Duffs Strombolies, Cobnobblers and KCK’s.

  5. Chris Vu

    September 26, 2013 4:40am

    Feeling these! I think i’ll pick up the blue ones, and how about those Boxers. They sure were great great shoes!


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