DC Nyjah Review

What do you give a person who has everything in the world? After dominating practically every skate competition there is, Nyjah Huston’s work ethic goes beyond the competitive playing grounds. It’s no secret that in the past years, the general consensus among skateboarder’s were to label Nyjah as a Contest skater but after a series of video parts, web clips and more, Nyjah not only earned the respect from skateboarder’s worldwide, but it also ensured his career to go down as a legendary one. So again, what do you give the teen who has everything at such a tender age? How about a pro shoe on one of most respected skateboarding brands ever? Sounds good to us.

Review information:
This review was done during the course of 3 weeks and gathered about 15 hours of skating in the process. Check below each section to view our grading system. We base our ratings from 1-10. 10 being the best and 1 being the absolute worst. Enjoy.

Despite being a cupsole, the Nyjah Pro surprisingly fits true to size. As with any cupsole, it’s going to take some time to break-in, but after approximately 2-3- sessions, you should be in the clear to finally enjoy the Nyjah’s to their full potential. Even after the break-in point, the Nyjah’s will still have a sturdy feel without getting all floppy due to their thick leather heel counter.

Short Answer: True to Size (feel free to go a half size larger if you like wearing your shoes a bit looser)

Comfort & Cushioning:
With this newly integrated Impact G system, exclusively for the Nyjah pro, there’s a bunch of information that we have share about it. Firstly, compared to DC’s other technology, specifically the Airbag system in the Centric S, the Impact G is not as “bouncy” but is capable of taking more impact than the Centric S. Why, you ask? Well, for one, it’s a thicker cupsole. Secondly, with the specific technology in the heel of the outsole, it makes for a better distribution of energy when you’re landing these high impact tricks. This is also made possible because of the gel insert in the heel.

When testing the Nyjah pro model, another reason that heel bruises are preventative during high impact tricks are because of the sturdiness in the heel. As we mentioned before, the leather heel counter not only locks your foot into place, but also gives you more control when you need it for a solid landing. It’ll help prevent a shift in weight that normally causes rolled ankles. There definitely is a possibility of getting heel bruises in the Nyjah, especially if you’re this guy, but DC did take ever precaution in making this shoe as supportive as possible. So long as it’s a reasonable gap, we’re more than sure that you and your heels will be safe in the Nyjah’s.

Lastly, the cushioning throughout the shoe itself is perfect. The Nyjah’s have an ideal amount of cushioning in the collar of the shoe and a minimal but equally protective amount of cushioning in the tongue. It’ll provide a good & secure fit without swamp foot every time.

Comfort: 9. The proper fit, along with the OrthoLite sockliner make the Nyjah’s one of the easier shoes to put on and go when you’re desperate to shred. Even after the session is done, the Nyjah’s are comfy enough for your sore feet to walk in. The fact that they’re a cupsole helps too.

Cushion: 9. After seeing the drops that Nyjah skates, we expected nothing but a suitable cushioning system to go along with the gnarly shit he skates. Gladly, we were right. The Impact G, along with it’s cupsole technology will keep your feet protected.

Outsole wear from 5 hours to 15 hours.

Boardfeel & Grip:
Now, even though we’ve listed all of these finer points about how cushy and thick the outsole is on the Nyjah’s, don’t feel betrayed when you find a good grip and an even better boardfeel option on this shoe. The boardfeel itself is more than accommodating if you’re looking for a cupsole with a bunch of feel, all while still protecting you. At first, it may seem a little thick but once you break-in the pill pattern tread, the OrthoLite sockliner will allow your feet to dig even deeper into shoe. That’s probably one of the better elements of skating the Nyjah’s.

If you remember our Mike Mo S review, we’ve got nothing but love for the pill pattern outsole. It’s undeniably grippy and a favorite of anyone who’s ever tried it. With a solid sole lining surrounding the pill pattern outsole, you’ll be sure to burn through that before getting any abrasion marks on the pill pattern portion of the shoe.

Boardfeel: 8. Considering its thick protection system, you’ll still feel your board as much as you want. The Nyjah’s will give you a boardline ‘Cup/Vulc Fusion’ feel even though it’s all Cupsole.

Grip: 10. Simply put, we can never get through the Pill Pattern tread before destroying the upper of any DC shoes. This Pill Pattern outsole should never leave any DC model, it’s too good.

Toe wear from Week 1 to Week 3. (top to bottom)

Anyone who’s familiar with DC Super Suede is beyond confused on how they’ve created a perfect formula for a suede that lasts twice as good as any PU system and that same sentiment was shared during the Nyjah review. Being just shy off of a 20 hour review, the DC Super Suede was insanely resistant during 15 hours of solid skating and in the process, never ripped through. With the added layer slightly frayed from ollies, the stitching in the paneling was due for at least another 5 hours before completely ripping off and even by then, we’d discover another layer of suede underneath that paneling. Based on it’s 15-hour performance and it’s underlying layer of Super Suede, we can only assume that the Nyjah’s will last upwards of 35-40 hours more of skating, if not more. All and all, it also depends on how you ollie but we’re willing to bet that regardless, the Nyjah’s can handle what you got.

To complement those already durable features, the sole on the Nyjah’s happen to bump out making them even more durable against every flip trick you can think of. Even after 15 hours of skating, the suede underneath the sole just barely started to show through. They’re fused perfectly and we couldn’t find any angles of where they would separate after hours of doing flips tricks. To say the least, our ankles are sore.

Suede: 10. It’s Super Suede and we knew what we were getting ourselves into. It hardly rips and is one of the more stronger suede’s in skateboarding today.

Toe: 10. Aside from enduring a shitload of abuse, the toe was one of our favorite features of the Nyjah’s. It wasn’t too pointy but it’s definitely one of the more narrow cupsoles we’ve ever skated. It made flicking easy and the rubber on the sole was slick enough to flick off of the griptape every time with ease.

Outsole: 9.5 Based on our photos, you can’t really argue with this grading.

The Nyjah from DC might be one of the better cupsole’s to surprise us this year. It’s very simple, straightforward and worthy of skating, especially when you think of Nyjah’s standards. Aside from that, it isn’t the most expensive shoe you’ll be buying this summer. It’s a protective cupsole with a ton of thought put into it despite it’s simplicity and will give you more than you’d expect. After all, it’s been a long and tedious wait for Nyjah Huston to receive his first pro model shoe but after all of the amazing footage he’s been putting out, let alone one of the biggest backside Noseblunt’s of all time, it’s safe to say that he’s earned his pro model from DC.

Try to get a pair on your feet quick because we’re sure that it’s going to be sold out in no time.


  1. Rodrigo

    June 13, 2013 12:22am

    Where can i buy this shoes in Monterrey, Mexico?

  2. Tyler Dombrowski

    March 14, 2014 11:53pm

    Nyjah is dope. Polite kid that happens to absolutely KILL IT. He reminds me a little bit of Andrew Reynolds with the super slick way he does those ridiculous drops/ massive jumps! This shoe looks cool and if it’s half as god as you guys say it is Imma smack my momma and cry for war haha

  3. Trevor

    December 16, 2014 10:26pm

    I could say I’ve felt the same about the shoes, been wearing them exclusively for about 3 weeks with very little wear apart from the sole


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