Agenda Sneak Peek: HUF Fall ’13


The HUF Arena might remind you of the 1984. Same outsole with some minor changes. $75

All of the goods that we’ve featured in our Agenda posts are due to come out within the next 2-3 months and we couldn’t be more excited to finally get our hands some of the promising footwear. Leading up to this year’s Agenda show, it’s only right to show you guys what’s to come. One of the brands that showed some of the most promise, in our eyes, is the ever growing HUF brand. As of lately they’ve been coming out with some pretty original designs in their footwear and happen to be filling a unique void within skateboarding. And no, we’re not talking about the weed print clothing boom that’s taken place. We’re actually referring to their potential of filling the “Dressy & Grown” gap that Gravis left behind when they moved their operations to Asia. Someone’s got to do it and by the sneak peek we saw in their SP 14 catalog, you’ll think so too. But for now, we’ll show you what to expect for Fall 13.


The HUF Arena has really been attracting some eyes. It definitely resembles a early 2000 cupsole in some ways but that claim probably comes from it’s bulky exterior. We’re not gonna lie, it just might be a bit bulky but that’s a kind of good thing. With the treads that we’ve been noticing, apparently kids have finally embraced puffier shoes in hopes of being able to walk when they’re 25. We’ve had the pleasure of skating the 1984 shoe and the outsole on that shoe happens to be the same on the Arena. The 1984 grip was strong but nothing overwhelming, had a good amount of impact support in the gel heel and felt pretty good. We can only imagine that the Arena is going to be just as good.


The HR-1 is due out in August. $120

Skate shoe brands never before had to worry about appealing to any other consumer but  skateboarders, but since the growth of skateboarding’s commercialism, regular skate shoe brands are now creating products for the masses. At first, you’ll feel all “Oh, I’m not so special anymore” but upon thinking about it a little longer, you’ll realize that it’s good for the brand and skateboarding alike. This point brings us to the first non-skateboarding shoe that HUF has made, the HR-1. Keith Hufnagel is no stranger to designing a runner. Although his previous runner model and this one are held within the same category, they’re completely different. The HR-1 is, unlike most skateboarding related runner’s, a hiking inspired shoe and has a bunch of style. From a hip-hop aficionado to Williamsburg’s newest hipster, we can honestly see this model on anyone. All of the colorways featured in the photo above have a premium leather upper and a canvas or mesh ventilation system. Sure, we won’t be skating them but you can bet that they’ll be featured in our winter report to ensure that they stand up to the chilling elements.

Last but not least is a favorite of anyone who’s tried them, the Pepper Pro. We had a good time reviewing them and it was probably because of how quick they broke-in. These newer colorways have us wanting every pair we see. Like the HUF Runner, the Pepper Pro looks to be falling into the category of “anybody can wear these” but it’s probably because of the unique colorways that have come out in the last couple of drops. Not only is HUF becoming known for their durable & diverse footwear but also because their amazing color pallet. Can’t wait to see what they’ll have at this year’s Agenda show.


  1. Hot Carl

    June 12, 2013 4:45pm

    Please explain to me how…….

    “Oh, I’m not so special anymore” but upon thinking about it a little longer, you’ll realize that it’s good for the brand and skateboarding alike.

    I did think about your quote…..and never once did it occur to me that its good for skating. Enlighten me as to how creating shoes for the masses as opposed to creating shoes for actual skating/skateboarders benificial to skateboarding? How are “lifestyle” shoes helping skateboarding? Please don’t respond with the logic that it “brings more money into skatinng”.


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