25 Skateboarders in 2013 Without A Shoe Sponsor: 20-16

This needs to happen again. The shoe, the brand, everything.

This needs to happen again. The shoe, the brand, everything.

Disclaimer: The order in which these pros are listed has nothing to do with who deserves what over who, we’re simply just listing names and going on as we please. Number 25 is no different than number 1.

20. Dennis Durrant

In the comment section of the initial 25-21, we were told that we only mention American skateboarder’s and no one else. Well, that’s all changed with Dennis Durrant, the aussie who never made it in the states (like he should have). For reasons unknown to us, he’s had numerous parts, all of them exceptionally mind blowing and full of style, yet still hasn’t earned the respect or stability of his sponsors. His shoe sponsor situation is as dire as his current board sponsor situation. Rumored to be on Skate Mental and Adidas in early 2012, he’s since then disappeared and has left us wondering whether he’ll slowly resurrect out of nowhere with one of the best parts in 2013 or vanish for good. Here’s a video of Dennis sitting through his old parts and talking about the business nature of skateboarding. He’s sounds like he hates it.

Pros: Can kickflip into any grind with speed, style and grace.
Cons: None that we know of.

Recently seen in: All Black shoes…
Would be nice to see him on: Adidas or Nike, this dude deserves to get paid.

19. Jimmy Cao

Another stylish skateboarder who’s completely overlooked is Jimmy Cao. From his City days to today, his trucks have progressively gotten looser and he’s finally embracing his weed smoking graphics without having to hide it from his parents anymore. They might be pissed at him for not becoming a doctor or a lawyer but the fact of the matter is, he’s a great skateboarder. The majority of his parts are all made up of 3-4 trick lines, which is rare nowadays, and they happen to be made up of some of the harder combinations you can think of.

Pros: The next promising Asian skateboarder.
Cons: Is weed habit forming?

Recently seen in: Puma
Would be nice to see him on: Anything that makes Mom & Dad proud.

18. Ben Raybourn

From under the wing of Todd Falcon himself, to Tony Hawk’s private jet, Ben Raybourn literally started from the bottom. His story is so fascinating and unbelievable, it should be made into a movie, anyone but Falcon should direct it though. It’d probably be a little egotistical to have Raybourn play himself but we imagine that this little guy could fill the role perfectly. Actually, maybe not. If Ben’s movie never comes to life, he should at least earn the SOTY title. He’s in heavy contention this year with all of the madness that he’s been up to. If anyone but him or Busenitz get it, the award will surely lose some value points.

Pros: He’s insane and humble.
Cons: Still might talk to Todd from time to time.

Recently seen in: Nike SB
Would be nice to see him on: HUF

17. Wade Desarmo

If you weren’t a big fan of the skits or acting featured in Parental Advisory, the DGK team managed to win you back with some of the most stylish and insane skating you can find. Of all their team riders, Wade Desarmo sticks out the most for various reasons. His style is beyond comprehension, his baggy attire has slimmed down a bit but not by far compared to the rest of the conformists and it seems as though Wade is a traditionalist when it comes to releasing his footage. While everyone is releasing online parts and snippets of their skating, Wade’s footage only seems to appear every time a part is warranted from his sponsors. Truthfully, that’s a good thing but our only complaint, as is everyone’s is that we’d love more Wade footage. This part still holds up to today’s standards.

Pros: Every part gets better and better.
Cons: Not in the limelight enough.

Recently seen in: Supra
Would be nice to see him on: DC. Because of his choice of clothing and the rumor of the DC Lynx’s making a return to skate shops, it only makes sense to have a baggy-wearing, stylish skater wear these legendary shoes. Wenning 2.0 (we mean that in the best way possible.)

16. Ronnie Creager

This list wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t mention Ronnie a lot sooner than later. The bucket hat wearing, cargo-sweatpants day’s of Ronnie Creager might be over but his uncanny ability to flip-in or flip-out of anything keeps us wanting more from the OG. After years of impressing us, he’s turned his love for skateboarding into a remarkable product and continues to give back to the community that’s helped him get where he is today. There’s no certainty that he’ll be as prominent as he was with skateboarder’s today but the truth is that he certainly deserves a shoe sponsor, (if not more) if he continues to skate as a professional. Although there is a chance of getting another part out of Ronnie, we can see him going the business-man route and making moves from behind the scenes. This part is always in heavy rotation and a favorite among everyone at RL’s.

Pros: Triple OG.
Cons: Time is ticking.

Recently seen in: Lakai
Would be nice to see him on: Lakai seems like a good fit but whenever that éS hiatus is up, get him back on and reissue his shoe with a modernized version.


  1. Luis

    May 23, 2013 1:39pm

    thanks, its good to know that people read the comentary section! nice post and its true durrant need a good shoe sponsor

  2. Tyson Aquino

    May 25, 2013 2:33pm

    Dennis Durant- Adidas
    Jimmy Cao- Puma
    Ben Raybourn- Nike SB
    Wade Desarmo- DC
    Ronnie Creager- Lakai

  3. shampoobracelets

    May 27, 2013 5:37am

  4. Guilherme Venâncio

    May 30, 2013 12:26pm


    Just wanna see Braydon and Dompierre with a solid shoe sponsor.

    But mostly Braydon.


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