HUF Pepper Pro Video Review

What was meant to be treated as a one-night stand video review for the HUF Pepper pro model manifested into much more. Never before has there been a skate video, with music cameo’s from both Rihanna & Björk, let alone a well due San Pellegrino drink break. If we’re not at the forefront of product placement, we don’t know who is. Potential corporate sponsors, our advertisement button is below.

With a heavy task at hand to deliver a video shoe review that was both entertaining and informal, Homebase skate shop’s own Jacob Baldini grabbed the Pepper pro’s, strapped them on and picked up filmer Matt Roberge to document some serious skating in the streets of Allentown, PA. What came of their efforts were some serious lines at crusty spots, huge ollies that would make Keith Hufnagel proud and a heavy “I was scared he was gonna eat shit” hill bombing to follow.

For two days of consistent street skating, a number of things are apparent about the HUF Pepper Pro’s:

  • They can be skated out of the box on the first day, with little need to break them in.
  • If you have the access to Homebase skate shop or your local skate shop, try the Pepper’s on and figure out if you can stay true to size or go a half size down. (If you have skinnier feet, we’d recommend going a half size down. If you have wider feet, stay true to size because you’ll need the extra space.)
  • They’re not Bill Pepper’s pro model but we’re glad people still remember him.
  • The HUF Pepper pro’s sit at a reasonable $75 and based on our past HUF reviews, theses shoes will hold up to the same quality standards.

All and all, the Pepper Pro is a vulcanized shoe with considerable padding and a dual density sole. If you’re looking for a vulc shoe that’s design features are subtle and sharp, your best bet is to go with the Pepper Pro. It’s PU insole and durable sole are more than enough reasons but aside from that, you’re supporting one of skateboarding’s most underrated skateboarder’s. Still blown away by this re-edit.

Special thanks to boys over at Homebase 610 for collaborating with us and putting this review together. Remember to support your local shop if possible. If you don’t have one by you, always go with our friends over at BH for any of our reviewed goods.


  1. AARON

    April 25, 2013 1:42am

    Thinkin about these or the DC Wes S’s. Decisions, decisions…


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