Changes: Fallen Capitol insole upgrade

Jack's praising his new insole technology, you should too.

Jack’s praising his new insole technology, you should too.

You may or may not have noticed the newest update to Fallen’s fastest selling model, the Capitol. The boardfeel friendly brand has gained the reputation of having average cushioning in their insoles over the years but by the looks of their new technology, that’s all going to change. With a 3-level insole system in production, consumers will actually get to pick their favorite Fallen models, not only by look and pro model, but by distinct insole cushioning levels.

Of the 3, it only makes sense that select models with less padding would get more footbed cushioning, ie the Capitol. If you remember our review of the Capitol, the shoe sits on a thinner insole and was our biggest issue with the shoe during the review process.

As you could imagine, with a thicker insole comes repercussions. Because the insole could be taking up more real estate within the walls of the shoe, the sizing might change. Probably not drastically but enough for us to change our claim of having to wear this shoe at a half-size lower than normal. Once we find out, we’ll edit this piece and let you know so you can enjoy this shoe as much as Jack does.

Click to enlarge & view additional details.

Click to enlarge & view additional details.


  1. Hi

    April 23, 2013 7:38pm

    Did you see the new zoo york 20 years strong commercial? If not, check it out because Brandon Westgate seems to be wearing the g6 with some sort of running toe…

  2. Ev

    April 28, 2013 3:24am

    Friend of mine rides for fallen so I was able to get a pair with the new insoles, major upgrade. Flick on this shoe is the best i’ve ever had.


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