Etnies Marana Video Review With Andrew Singh

It’s really hard to bitch about a shoe that has no bad qualities about it. Of course, within every review, no matter how much we like it, we manage to find some sort of constructive criticism. We have no problem exposing how a product could’ve been improved, in fact most brands ask us to shed light on their flaws but the Marana is fucking that part of the process up. With every one of our review, you’ll find our rating system, helping us further evaluate the performance of a shoe, but in this case it’s rendered pointless. Probably because it’d be 10’s throughout every category.

During the filming of the video review, we asked Andrew to look for any type of flaw within the Marana. We asked him to be as meticulous as possible and to leave no stone unturned and all we got out of him were amazing things about the shoe. Despite his frozen and almost deadlike demeanor in front of the camera, as soon as it was off he remembered everything he wanted to mention about the Marana. Who could blame him though? With all the intricate aspects of his shoe, why the hell would you want to talk about it when you can shred it!

To further more get our point across, the Marana is amazing because:

  • True to Size.
  • The outsole was based off of a complex European racing tire.
  • The rubber fused toe cap flicks smoothly on the grippiest of grips.
  • After you’re done challenging the rubber toe, you have a underlying suede foundation to go through afterwards.
  • The STI Evolution Foam does not flatten out and neither will the polyurethane insole.
  • It lasted us a total of 40 hours and is estimated to last potentially another 20+ hours more, making it to 60 hours in total.

This shoe is seriously covered from all angles to guarantee an amazing performance and an even better experience. The likelihood of you getting sick of the Marana is unlikely but you will start to wonder how much longer they’ll last after a couple of weeks of hard skating.


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