Changes: Adidas Campus Vulc, Slimmed Down

2pac never seemed to mind change. To say the least, he's hyped.

2pac never seemed to mind change. To say the least, he’s hyped.

The Adidas skate program is one that’s always concerned with putting out a better product. With that said, we recently found out that they’ve made some changes to the campus vulc, again…

For those aware of the changes in the past, it’s been a divided group. Some have loved the new alterations, where others mourned the passing of what they thought was a perfect skate shoe. Whether you noticed them or not, these changes have turned some dedicated fans of the shoe to look for alternatives elsewhere. With little success in finding a shoe that blends a rounded toe, with a bulky exterior, that also happens to be durable as fuck, our guess is that they’ll be crawling back to the refined Campus vulc and vulc Mid in no time.

Changes on the Campus vulc series includes an overall slimmed interior, which in turn means the fit is bound to change as well. The most noticeable change being the padding surrounding the heel/collar of the shoe. It will probably have mixed reviews but hopefully doesn’t change the overall feel of the Campus Vulc, from what you’re used to. Check the photo below for a visual comparison in the collar.


Here’s a past season colorway compared to the newly revised version of the Campus Vulc. The difference in the collar is definitely noticeable.

We’ll bring you a full update and a comparison review once the new Campus Vulcs hit skate shops. It’ll be similar to the one we did between the G6 and the G-Code.

Check back early next week for the Agenda Adidas sneak peek. Tons of great stuff is coming through for Fall 13.


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