First Glance: Etnies Marana with Andrew Singh

Etnies huge push in 2013 is starting to show and frankly, it’s scaring us.
The brand that pushed the first pro model into the skate world has come out with another pro model with the same potential of greatness. With the Marana out now, we’re seeing the brand go back to it’s technical roots and we’re ecstatic about it. There’s been word of the Marana’s indestructible nature and in order to showcase that durability, we’ve be in search for one of those hyper, “won’t stop skating & hungry for more” kind of skaters. Basically, one of the most annoying species of skaters possible. Fortunately, in finding Andrew Singh to do this video review, we got a good balance.

Surprisingly, he’s not all that annoying. He’s a compact little ripper who’s willing to ride trunk if need be, (isn’t that the true meaning of a trunk boy?), he listens to Waka Flocka so he’s no fuck boy and he gets tricks fast. If anyone was up for the challenge of ripping the Marana to shreds, or at least trying to, it’s little foot over here. In this teaser, you can actually see the Marana’s wear slowly throughout that night session. We skated for about 3-4 hours and recorded the toe wear every time Andrew got a trick at 2NTR park.

Peep the teaser, wait for the full video to come out in the next two weeks and expect one of these songs over his footage.

If you don’t believe these video results, peep our insta-feed where Leon describes the Marana’s as being “retardedly indestructible” after eight hours of skating.


  1. cheap sk8

    January 22, 2013 9:26pm

    I really like this way of review. The video edit was perfect


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