Is this the Adidas Dennis Busenitz 2?

Busenitz 2.

Adidas Busenitz 2…maybe.

When visiting the Adidas booth over at Agenda LBC, we knew to snap photos of the newly released Puig, Busenitz ADV’s & Vulc’s for our Agenda sneak peeks. After getting everything we needed, it was time for us to go and get drunk some more. As we were leaving, someone asked us if we’d like to see the Busenitz 2. Will a dog lick peanut butter off of anything…? Fuck yeah it will.

Hoarding photos and priceless info from you guys isn’t in our nature but we couldn’t help it with this one. Granted, the photo above is apparently the Busenitz 2 in early development but we can’t help feel like it’s a diversion from Adidas as they’re still developing his second pro model.

Busenitz ADV, courtesy of

We won’t deny the similarities between this supposed Busenitz 2 above and the new ADV model that debuted during Agenda 2012. The differences are subtle but obvious. The ADV model has a rubber toe cap that appears to be heat transferred while Busenitz 2 has nothing but a seamless toe. The major differences between the two are definitely the shape. Regardless of the angles in the photos, the Busenitz 2 has a raised toe and a bulkier body whereas the ADV has taken the shape of the Silas 2. It was probably formed using the same mold.

Busenitz Outsole

Traction specific outsole.

Both of these models, among others in the Adidas catalog will be sharing the same outsole. The story we were told was that this outsole was based on Busenitz’ actual skating. Each section of the forefoot area was specifically designed from Dennis’ old shoes. There’s a section in the forefoot that increases grip, another to shimmy your foot & lastly, one with increased flexibility.

We’re not looking to disappoint anyone with this news, especially if this photo turns out to be a decoy for any annoying bloggers visiting the Adidas booth that day. But we’ll keep you posted if any other news comes to light on this Busenitz 2 model.


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