The Capitol interview with Jack Curtin

Putting these reviews out is no simple task. It takes diligence, time and long amounts of skating. If you think our responsibilities are strenuous then imagine the hard work and dedication it must take to be a pro. While reviewing the Capitol, we felt the need to get in touch with Jack and pick his brain about all that he has coming up. From what he told us here, none of it sounds easy. In fact, it makes our lives seem like a walk in the park. He let us in on everything from working on his 2nd pro model to other video projects he’s working on and a bunch more. The only thing we forgot to ask him was how it felt to get the thumbs up from Henry Sanchez. That must be the best feeling ever.

Jack, what’s good with the DGK video? When is it set to come out & how’s it going right now?
The video deadline is right around the corner. Should be premiering sometime in Dec/Jan I think. Its gonna be awesome, full parts of Stevie, Marcus and everyone. Cameo’s from your favorite rappers too. And we got some acting scenes!

Damn, that’s going to be insane. I know you can’t say much about it so we’ll move on. What did you think of PJ’s Brick Harbor edit? Did it get you hyped to work on one for yourself?
I thought it was pretty ridiculous, the tricks he can do when he’s just skating around is insane. So tech and casual. Yea it got me hyped but I didn’t want to try and compete with it or anything, just got me psyched to go skate.

He is pretty ridiculous. Skating with that much pressure is on a whole ‘nother level. Speaking of pressure though, since getting your own pro shoe, have you felt any pressure to get out and film? Or has it all stayed chill for you?
Yeah, I definitely want to get it out there and film; have people see it and whatnot. I’ve been working on a lot of projects like the Brick Harbor commercial, the Capitol commercial, DGK video and Fallen’s “Road Less Traveled” video. All these projects have come at a good time for me.

Jack holding the Capitol. Photo Courtesy of FTCSF

That’s insane. All of those deadlines could keep a man up at night but it’s dope to know you’ve got it under control. Jack, did you know that the Capitol is Fallen’s fastest selling shoe? They sold out of it so fast that they almost over booked it…
It’s crazy. I had heard they sold out of the first season. It’s a really gratifying feeling because you never know how the public will react to something new, especially something with your name on it. I really wanted to make a shoe that I would want to wear all the time. I’m just glad that other people are into it like I am. The second and third season colorways are looking even better so I’m excited for that.

Everyone is hyped on your shoe but word on the street is that you’re already working on your second shoe….? Care to share or is on the “low low”?
Yea, the second shoe is in the works. Won’t drop until next year though but its really different from the first shoe. It’s a mid-top and has some small attributes from some of my favorite non-skate shoes.

How’s the sockliner in the Capitol help you skate compared to a conventional shoe? It’s feeling different for us, but in a really good way…
I’ve always liked the feeling of sockliners in shoes, and the last skate shoe I remember having one was the old Bob Burnquist éS shoe. This shoe for me was definitely about comfort and snugness. I hate when a shoe rattles around on your foot or when the stitching or panels rub up against your toes. I’m not trying to deal with blisters. They are no bueno.

Your shoe made it to the 4 week/ 20 hour mark with some life left in it from our review. How long does your shoe last you?
On average, about 2-3 weeks of skating everyday. Some of the colorways stretch out more than others because the shoe is so thin. It’s something we already worked on for the second season. We added an extra vulc wrap on the toe for kickflip tears, a thin leather under-layer to the suede so it will support the shape and toe piece. Fallen will also have more padded insoles by the time the second season is produced. So you will be seeing a “Capitol 2.0” for the second season.

We’re glad to hear how much Fallen cares about changing up your shoe to your standards. It’s refreshing to hear about the kind of relationship you guys have. Random question though, have you bagged any chicks while rocking your shoe? If so, does it help to have your name on a shoe when picking up girls?
I already got a lady but I hope it helps everyone else out! It is a pretty sexy shoe. Jus kidding!

I’m sure it’s helped a bunch of other pro’s out there though. Last but not least, what’s next for you? I know you’re busy as hell.
After the DGK video drops, Fallen is working on the “Road Less Traveled” video for 2013, and I’m gonna jump straight into filming for a new LRG video project! And also my second pro shoe is coming in ’13!

Damn, well congrats on the shoe and thanks for taking the time for this interview.
Thanks for the support guys & to everyone who checked out the interview. Peace!


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