First Glance: Fallen Capitol

This Fallen Capitol review is happening because of the overwhelming requests that we’ve received from you, the reader, via e-mail, social media & so forth. Don’t take all the credit though because our curiosity for Fallen footwear has grown since reviewing the Tom Asta shoe earlier this year. The brand that once pigeonholed themselves in their “gnar-hesh-rail-chomper” imagery have since steered clear of that direction in search of a larger & diverse audience. Many can say what they want but since the addition of Jack Curtin & the loss of Chris Cole, Fallen is certainly finding their new following & it seems to be a loyal, conscious & alert one.

It’s refreshing as ever to know that the Fallen brand is fighting for their consumers attention and the market is actually taking notice with the release of Jack’s first pro model. The Capitol model has many of the same elements that have made Fallen footwear successful in the past but it also comes with some new found complexity. There are a number of things we’d love to let you know about the Capitol but we’ll reserve our expectations & let the full review do the talking this September. What we will leave you with are some key aspects of the shoe that could help you purchase them now if you’re too eager to wait till next month. We don’t blame you, it’s a good-looking shoe.

What you should know before buying the Capitol:
Since receiving the Capitol, we were fortunate enough to get them in our true size & a half-size down as well for fitting purposes. Seeing as how Jack design the shoe in a loose-fitting form, we’d suggest to get the Capitol in a half size down rather than your true size. We’ve come to this conclusion with a number of things in mind. First of all, The Capitol is a super slimmed-down vulcanized shoe. It’s going to give you the bare necessities and not much padding around the toe or panels. Also, the neoprene sockliner adds some thickness & security but will have a tendency to stretch over time. Even at half size down, the Capitol still has a regular fit rather than an expected snug fit. Feel free to go to your local shop & let us know if you agree.

Check back for the review next month.


  1. Patrick Roldan

    August 27, 2012 10:02pm

    Shoes look hot. Definitely would skate these if I could still skate low tops. But I’d probably grab them as a chill shoe. Can’t wait for the review!


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