Quick Reviews: Gravis Arto Mid with Dustin Younie

RippedLaces Arto Review from Jeremy on Vimeo.

Dustin Younie is raw. He’s been an ideal pick for our reviews since we started & his demeanor is no talk, all action. With this shoe review, it won’t be our most informative video review as of yet because we didn’t throw a time lapse in there but after watching it, you’ll definitely be convinced as to how good the shoes worked for Dustin. Being the skater that he is, he notes burning through the toe after 1 month. That was certainly expected for two reasons: Again, he’s a ripper & two, ever since Gravis abandoned their rubber foxing tape ollie pad that they once had, there has been speculation of it’s decrease in durability. We’ll never fully understood Gravis’ change of heart but on behalf of the RL’s CEO, it needs to come back. Filmed beautifully by Jeremy Jordan, this shoe review was filmed in a matter of weekends and the footage does not disappoint. Expect more from these dudes in the future & if you’re in anyway interested in a sturdy midtop, as always, get them at your local skate shop. If your local skate shop doesn’t have them, do the next best thing and pick them up at Brick Harbor. They’ve been holding it down with some of the best local brands recently so it’s definitely a no-brainer to get them from there (plus they’ve been stoked on our reviews, dope!). Also, they’re having a huge sale on select models like the new Quarters that just came out. Peep game. Still super hyped off of that Joe Pease video.

Should’ve kept it Gravis.

Down here you’ll note that Dustin had to shoe goo the side in order to prevent any extensive blowouts (see photo below). Based on the placement of the shoe goo, the rubber ollie pad would’ve clearly helped the shoe out exponentially therefore making it much more durable. With the rubber ollie pad, the shoe would’ve been fine & not needed any assistance from shoe goo. During this Agenda NYC visit, we didn’t see any Arto Mid’s at the Gravis booth which leads us to believe that it may have been discontinued. Hopefully, if this review does anything, it’ll send the dudes at Gravis back to the drawing board & hopefully bring back the rubber ollie pad. It could’ve without a doubt made this shoe ten times more popular & durable than it currently is. For more on Gravis & what would’ve been taken as Jake Johnson’s “pro model” check in tomorrow for the full exclusive. We’re saying “pro model” loosely but in all reality it would’ve been the only cupsole available to him anyway. The entire Gravis catalog is vulc & club shoes.

Thanks to the dudes over at Gravis for the shoes & gear. Major shout out to Jeremy Jordan for his beautiful filming & to Dustin for coming through with this part. Thanks again guys.


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