Agenda NYC Brand Sneak Peek: Lakai

Must buy colorways: The Linden on the left & the BB3 is on the right.

Must buy colorways: The Linden on the left & the BB3 is on the right.

After all the debauchery and drinks stop flowing, we can comfortably crawl back to the keyboard and keep you guys up to date with whats to come. As blurry as our memory is, we couldn’t forget what we saw at the Lakai booth. This year, there’s a sick amount of new styles to look forward to as well as distinguishing colorways to complement each model. In this Brand Sneak Peek, we’ll be highlighting one model we’re absolutely fired up about and show you the rest of the catalog to feed your need.

The model we’re most looking forward to from Lakai is the Howard. After holding it & dissecting it at Agenda, we know for a fact that it has the potential and technology to become one of the most memorable models of 2013. Due to come out early in the year, the Howard has a very simple yet distinctive look. Stylish and subtle, the Howard is fitted with the praised XLK outsole & is lightweight as it appears. One of the best features on the Howard happens to be the smallest & most commonly unnoticed aspect, the rubber lining on top of the sole. After speaking to Scott Johnston, head footwear designer at Lakai & stylish OG on the board, he walked us through how the harder placed rubber sitting on the sole would prolong direct wear & shedding on the sole of the shoe. As simple as this idea may be, it’s uniquely innovative in the same sense & is sure to make a difference when skating the Howard. Expect this model to be reviewed down the line along with others from the Lakai.


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