Nike SB Omar Salazar LR Review

Consumers & devoted Nike SB connoisseurs were disappointed by Omar’s first attempt so this question surfaced: why would they want his second shoe?

We never skated his first shoe but after hearing testimonies of sore feet, stiffness & so on, we didn’t have to. The fact of the matter is that Omar didn’t even envision his first shoe looking the way it did. His renewed pro model of today is what was suppose to come out initially. For more info on this subject, check out the chomeball interview if you haven’t already. For instant gratification purposes, click here. Even though Omar is now happy with his renewed pro model, customers still have that bad taste in their mouth from his first model. With this review, we hope to conquer any questioning feelings you might still have towards his renewed shoe & ultimately get you to support one of our favorite skaters. This part still gets me hyped to this day.

Review information:

The review was done using our month long format and the shoe was skated for a total of 20 hours. Check below after each section to view the grading system. We base our ratings from 1-10. 10 being the best and 1 being the absolute worst. Enjoy.

Sizing & Support:

The sizing on the Nike SB Omar had it’s strange moments. After surveying over 10 different individuals to test the sizing of the Omar’s, we were a bit confused with the results. Some said true to size while others asked for a half size larger. These facts alone reinforce why we always urge you to go & support your local skate shop. Try them on there and find out what works for you. However, judging for ourselves, the shoes sizing could’ve gone either way. Some snug feeling has always been good for skating but it can also be a pain in the ass down the line. All & all, the final verdict is true to size. It was pretty much even across the board but over time the shoe does break-in and adapt to your foot.

Short Answer: True to Size.

Comfort & Cushion:
Omar’s second shoe isn’t as bulky as his first which means it’s not as heavily padded. This time around, the design and overall feel of the shoe is “less is more”. The newly revised Omar features little to no padding but that doesn’t necessarily result in tragedy. The tongue and collar on this mid are adequate when dealing with those rare times where your board decides to fight back. This is even better recognized when you take a look into the coverage the Omar gives you. With this mid, it’ll just reach the top of your ankle without becoming too overwhelming. This is definitely an important factor for anyone looking for that extra protection, stability and support in a mid. The mesh lining throughout the collar and tongue sit comfortably and adds to the shoes breathability.

The Lunarlon insole was integrated into the Nike SB line not to long ago. Since then, it’s been a favorite amongst consumers and skaters alike to the point where people are replacing their standard insoles in other shoes with their Lunarlon insoles. For a change, it’s not the expected PU insole that most companies traditionally use. The Lunarlon insole is a superior foam insole that didn’t give us much trouble like other foam insoles we’ve skated in the past. For example, we noticed that it never appeared to flatten, tear or damage easily like most foam insoles tend to do over time. The engineered thin to thick insole can support an arched or flatfoot without a problem. With its ordinary design, the Lunarlon insole surprisingly surpassed our expectations with ease. The fact that it’s foam also added an increasingly amount of breathability to keep your foot cool at all times. We’d be lying if we said we weren’t fans after this review.

Comfort: 8.5. It’s got a broad forefoot area and the shape is unique. Be sure to try this one on at your local shop.

Cushioning: 9. Hopefully we’ll be seeing more Lunarlon based models from Nike SB in the near future. A good thing shouldn’t be so scarce.

The toe after 4 weeks of skating.

The toe after 4 weeks of skating.

Boardfeel & Grip:
As we surveyed those about the sizing of the Omar, we also asked them about the boardfeel and overall feeling of the shoe on their foot. Most of them were already familiar with the traditional blazer outsole because of it’s outstanding popularity so most of them knew what they were about to wear. Nevertheless, our point of view was different due to the fact that we weren’t as knowledgeable of it’s functions. Because we’ve never laced up a pair of Nike SB’s, any results approaching us were unexpected. After some initial getting use to and breaking-in, the boardfeel was exceptional and protective. Being that the outsole was protective, it translated to feeling somewhat thicker than traditional vulcanized models. Although it is a vulcanized model, the boardfeel of the shoe simulated a cupsole. Its thickness didn’t allow us to distinguish boardfeel in the toe box from the forefoot area. This wasn’t ever bothersome or distracting but it should be highlighted for anyone looking to get a pair after reading this review.

If you’ve been an avid Nike SB consumer, you’ll know that their traditional herringbone pattern outsole will take some time to burn out. The outsole is made of a hard gum rubber and is the type of outsole that gains traction the more it’s used. Because of its firmness, we experienced some slippage during the first couple of days but after the third day, the grip increased substantially.

Boardfeel: 8. Wouldn’t want it to be any thinner. Consider this 8 a 10 for not going too thin on the outsole.

Grip: 8. The outsole did get grippier but there were still some instances where we slipped when skating.


A reinforced toe is more necessary than ever in the shoe game. Since reviewing the PROD 5, we noticed that Nike SB is leading the way in durability by using TPU material. If you’re not familiar with TPU, its basically the same material used by Marines on their emergency rafts when fleeing their vessel to shore. The Marines use TPU because it’s soft enough to float on water but strong enough to resist any piercing from sharp rocks when coming onto shore. This material is insanely durable and it tough to get through. You’re more than likely going to have to go through two boards with fresh grip in order to get through the toe. From what the shoe is telling us from skating, we’re expecting to go through sole before the toe.

Normally, we like to predict how much longer the shoe could last after these 4 weeks of review but we’re absolutely stumped. Do to the high grade quality, the outsole and one piece toe could potentially last another 4-6 weeks without a problem.

Durability: 10.
The skate games durability is growing with each model. We’ve been seeing & grading 10 way more in the durability section than ever before.

From week 1 to week 4.

From week 1 to week 4

With more skate shoe brands competing for that glorious number 1 spot, it seems highly doubtful that any brand is going to take down the almighty swoosh. With Nike SBs’ diversity & ability to connect with every consumer, not just skateboarders, they’ve accomplished a feat no one other brand has since been able to emulate. Nike SB is undoubtably on top of their game. Since their successful launch in 2002, they’ve been able to reach every skaters foot at one point or another. This was our first time wearing the swoosh after 15 years of staying loyal to other brands. We never wore them before but after skating them and seeing what they’ve done for the skateboarding community, we’re just now starting to understand their success.

The Omar Salazars LR couldn’t possibly fit on any other brand so well. Even long after it’s initial debut, we’re still glad that there’s a brand out there willing to give Omar a pro shoe & support him for all the amazing shit he’s put down. His shoe is durable, has tons of support features and the comfort level is unforgettable. Be sure to support Omar and buy from your local skate shop.


  1. ms

    June 29, 2012 6:17pm

    man! in Nike Sb & 6.0 have to buy half size less always!

  2. Luke Hayward

    November 27, 2012 2:23am

    What are the laces size of the shoes?

    Thanks, Luke


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