Etcetera Project Primo Pad Insole review

Instead of explaining how well some products perform, we got Nick Zuck to fling himself down the 2nd Nature skate park double set in the new Etcetera Hi-Pro insoles. While I used the Lo-Pro insoles for flat ground & ledge dancing, Nick got busy skating the double set in order to test how well Etcetera Hi-Pro insoles work. Nick Zuck is our local talent and was eager to find a solution for heel bruises and other injuries that come with jumping down stairs.

Nick spent a total of 2 hours filming for this clip. All of the tricks didn’t come easy, but because of the impact support from Etcetera, he was able to skate longer without getting tired or sore. With no break-in period or interruptions, Nick got to skate the Hi-Pro insoles without having to slow down one bit. We simply cut the insoles to our size & were ready to skate.

This was all made possible because of Etcetera’s simple trim line guide. You have two simple options to getting your size done accurately. Either line up a previous insole & cut it to it’s exact measurement or go by the trim line guide, then gradually make any other adjustments to fit your shoe perfectly.

If it wasn’t for the trimming process, you’d be able to skate these right out of the box. The forefoot flex technology has groove lines set in their support gel that allows you to get maximum flexibility without any problems. Because of this, skating the insoles out of the box is not a problem, no break-in period, ever.

Etcetera Hi-Pro Insoles, out now.

Etcetera Hi-Pro Insoles, out now.

Every piece of technology that goes into these insoles helps each aspect of the insole preform that much better. For instance, because of the forefoot flex technology, you’ll never feel any tension or annoying stiffness from the Primo Pad. The Etcetera Primo Pad is guaranteed to stay in place & do it’s job. It’s made of a high density TPU formula that certifies it to be flexible for those times when you over rotate any foot motion, but firm enough to protect you from any unwanted primo slams. Now that you know the front & middle portion of the Hi-Pro insole, we’re going to introduce you to the impact support gel. It’s sole purpose is to keep you from getting unwanted heel bruises. It’s fused with a PU (poly urethane) insole & is made up of small gel bumps that distribute any shock & impact equally. It’s not overbearing & there is no slant to the fitting so your weight will be in perfect harmony.

Now that you know what’s under the insole, we’re going to run you by the top portion. The top of any Primo Pad Insole is going to feature breathable mesh lining & arch support. Both of these features go unnoticed but help solidify Etcetera’s attention to detail and that speaks volumes. Even though I happen to be somewhat flat-footed, the arch support didn’t take away from my experience while skating & felt just fine.

Everything that has been said about the Hi-Pro can pretty much be said about the Lo-Pro Primo Pad insoles. The Lo-Pro’s just happen to be for that consumer that doesn’t chuck themselves down gaps or stairs.

Our overall feelings on the Etcetera Primo Pad insoles are unanimous, they’re a steal for only being between $15-20 bucks & at no point did the insoles show any signs of deterioration. Ronnie & the crew have been working hard on this project for years now & it definitely shows.

Now, we’re going to address this & get it out of the way before we get individually questioned about it in the comments section. The reason we didn’t put these insoles up against another insole company, like we have in the past, is because they’re each offering something completely different even though they’re competing in the same market. We’ve all gone primo before and it fucking hurts like a bitch. Having these Primo Pads in your life just ensures that you’ll practically never have to feel this type of pain ever again.

Thanks to Ronnie Creager & Marty Shadoan at Etcetera for making this review possible.
Check out the Etcetera Project website for more information on team updates & other products.
If you’re interested in getting any of their products, be sure to check out their “find Etcetera products” page for more info on how you can support your local skate shop.


  1. Andre

    December 2, 2012 4:44am

    is there a difference between the hi-pro and low-pro in the aspect of making your shoe feel/fit tighter or snugger due to their thickness? any answers to this would be much appreciated thanks!

    • Ripped Laces

      December 2, 2012 1:24pm

      There is a difference in regards to cushioning between the two but after testing, no information was sustainable in stating that one insole would fit differently or better than the other.

      What makes Etcetera different that most insole companies is the ability of shaping the insole to your foot & shoe. Normally with other insoles, you’d have to buy a half size lower in order to fit your true to size skate shoe. Because of the capability of cutting these insoles to your preference, you shouldn’t experience any tightness or snugness when skating, just be sure to take your time when shaping/cutting the insole to your liking.

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