Agenda Sneak Peek 2012: Vans, Part 1

AVE newest pro model.

AVE newest pro model.

Possibly the most anticipated sneak peek, Vans showed a number of new team models, pro models and delivered the same performance you crave. This Agenda Sneak Peek is going to be a two part article because they’ve got so much new shit, it’d probably take me a number of hours to finish it in one day. Seeing as how it’s been unseasonable warm in this NY winter, there is no way in hell that I’m going to work on an article. I’ve tried to convince myself but I’m so stubborn, dang…

If you’re a skate nerd or constant lurker on SLAP then you might’ve seen a glimpse of these already. Vans and Anthony Van Engelen teamed up to further develop his popular pro model, the “Av Sk8-Low” into what your looking at here, the “AV Native American Low”. It’s features haven’t changed much compared to his older model but just by looking at it’s appearance, you can tell that some minor touches have been made. What I can only speculate as an act of marketing, the infamous Vans stripe has been added to the side, possibly to make the shoe more “commercial friendly” but still core. Again, this is all speculation. The sole seems thicker but still no signs of the amazingly durable “Duracap” construction. Overall, you can still expect the Vans Pro Skate Vulc construction along with the waffle gum rubber outsole and some Ortholite cushioning to make things as comfortable as possible. We’ll keep you posted with additional information as it comes to light.

The Pacquard has to be one of the most slept on model to date. It’s got all of the advantages to make it one of the more durable and best selling skate shoes on the market. It’s cupsole technology should be enough to sell you on it but if not, know that it has that remarkable Duracap feature that has shown to last noticeably longer than models without it. The “Boardfeel PU” insole is developed to give you optimal boardfeel without flattening from skating and drops. We meant to review it sometime ago but we’ve been waiting on the highly anticipated “Stage 4” team shoe. The colorways featured here are scheduled to drop around June 2012. If you’re indecisive & confused about the next shoe you should get, go into your local shop and just try these on. You’ll see what the big fuss is all about.

TNT 5 in Canary (left), Black indigo (middle) & Charcoal orange (right).

TNT 5 in Canary (left), Black indigo (middle) & Charcoal orange (right).

The next shoe is considered a new model but no so much at the same time. You may remember our review of the TNT 5 and how much we loved it. What you may not know is that it’s been upgraded to a mid to please the masses. Believe it or not, there are some valid differences between the original 5 & the newly born mid. The new TNT 5 Mid obviously is going to have a thicker silhouette to compensate for it’s new mid body. Aside from that, it’s triangular bumper has broaden to take more abrasion from your ollies and kickflips. The toe-cap has also been extended longways which in turn, pushes the laces further back to help prevent ripped laces.

Vans clearly focused as much as possible on making the TNT 5 Mid the best they could comfort-wise. They easily could’ve just slapped on pieces of fabric and sold you a meaningless mid but they didn’t. From the original TNT 5, you can still expect that accommodating wide yet narrow toe, durability and some really great new colorways. Our personal favorite happens to be the Canary Yellow.

Well, this wraps up another Agenda Sneak Peek. As usual, we’ll be back with the 2nd half of the Vans sneak peek on Wednesday. In that article, we’ll feature new colorways from the Rowley SPV collection, Stage 4 team shoe and debut a brand new team model.


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