Exclusive: eS Rodrigo TX DGK Shoe


After a hefty holiday, it’s been essential to get out and skate more than ever. Tis’ the season where everyone get’s fat and out of breath after trying a simple amount of flat ground tricks. For those who live in NY, the weather has never been more deceitful. Please get out and skate because I don’t want to hear “Yo, I lost my tre flips” because of jolly saint Nick.

The DGK x ZERO tour went off and while kids all around the U.S. were waiting for Chris Cole’s next kickflip, I was waiting patiently for a photo of Rodrigo TX pro shoe for eS. You might remember that we were lucky enough to get the coverage on the Kellen James shoe with TWS, so afterwards it was only right to try our chances with TX. Scouring the internet can only get you so far but once something does enter the internet’s web, it can no longer leave. It’s been better describe as “peeing in a pool“.

The shoe seems to be a simple but functional silhouette. A midtop design with a double stitched toe cap panel and an amazing camo design courtesy of DGK. I can’t say whether this collaboration would’ve been a hit but I can only speculate the fact that every kid in camo cargo pants would’ve needed to buy these. No doubt about it.

Many agree that eS was just beginning to win the market back but unfortunately the timing was off. Apparently, there were many other models that would’ve made us go ape shit but the likelihood of getting those photos are just as probable as getting the Olson twins to get with a threesome. Whether possible or not, we’ll try our best to get those photo’s here for your pleasure. Aside from that, our next goal is to get Rodrigo to talk to us about this shoe and leak some much needed info behind the shoe’s name, origin and inspiration. Aside from that, it’d be dope just to talk about some Mobb Deep tracks with TX and maybe some inside info as far as who his next shoe sponsor will be. Anybody who’d be willing to hook that up, bless it.


  1. Brenden

    April 16, 2014 6:27pm

    Rodrigo is on Adidas now, right?


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