Sneak Peek: Footprint Insole Technology development

Inside Footprint Insole's Factory

Inside Footprint Insole’s Factory

Through our work with Footprint technology, we’re fortunate enough to have been given the privilege of releasing a number of behind the scene photos directly from the Footprint technology factory. These are not originals from us but from the hardworking people at FP. Since coming onto the skateboard scene with their custom orthotics, they’ve remained true to their high expectations of becoming actual “Gamechangers”. With only a small number of years in existence, Footprint technology has been endorsed by some of the biggest names in skateboarding for it’s superior products. It’s clear that FP plans on being as competitive and as relevant as possible in this large market of skateboarding support accessories. It’s no secret that there are more products on the market aiming for your dollar but currently FP Technology seems to be the only one at the forefront with a unique and driven agenda.

Luckily for us we managed to get a few words from the man behind the insoles. Here’s what he had to say:
“Footprint has collaborated with iconic artist Swanski, ( for Brandon Biebel and Guy Mariano’s pro insoles. Even more exciting is the addition of the Kingfoam material, which absorbs 90% of impact, into their “Gamechangers” custom orthotics in a new “dual density foam system”. Now, Footprint’s Gamechangers, in addition to their Kingfoam insoles, virtually eliminate the possibility of heel and forefoot bruising. The release date is just weeks away. Be sure to follow FP insoles on FB so you can see the goods when they launch. This product was developed by a skateboarder for skateboarders.”

Make sure you check out to stay up to date with their new products.


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