First Glance: Gravis Filter Duro

Gravis Filter Duro Overview

Gravis Filter Duro Overview

You asked for a Gravis review and we tried our hardest to make it happen. Luckily, the good people at Gravis came through in a phenomenal way and provided us with an early pair of the Filter Duro. They’re schedule for release in February 2012 but someway, somehow, we managed to get a pair before general release. I think we might’ve gotten a pair from Artos’ personal stash. If so, even sweeter, but sorry.

The Filter itself is a great shoe. I’ve had many pairs and enjoy it for it’s simplicity and style. It’s a one piece toe cap with a grippy outsole and a comfortable insole. I’ve gone on about the Cloud 9 insole in past posts but its actually made my list of favorite stock insoles. The Cloud 9 insole is practically a perfect combination between having all the boardfeel you’d need with enough cushioning for jumping down a good set of stairs.

For those of you who’ve skated the Filter before the Duro patch, you’ll know that eventually the ollie area is the first to feel any wear. Unfortunately, when this happens it shortens the experience of skating a functional shoe with great boardfeel. Now that the Duro aspect of the shoe is added, we’re eager to see how much longer the shoe will perform before any major abrasion takes place. We’re going to schedule the full review of the Gravis Filter Duro weeks before it hits shelves. Hopefully after the review is done, you’ll be able to get a pair at your local skate shop with the peace of mind of knowing how long they’ll last.


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