First Glance: Etcetera Insoles and more.


Probably the nicest guy in skateboarding today, on and off the board, Ronnie Creager has blessed us with some product from his new brand, Etcetera. During the month of October, we’ll be taking a closer look into Etcetera products which include two types of strongly constructed insoles and an ankle stabilizer for those of you with fucked ankles. I have no doubt in my mind that Etcetera will exceed our expectations much like their founder. If these products are as good as Ronnie, we’ll be seeing them for a long time. Look out for the review to drop soon and check out the Etcetera Project online for more details.


  1. Doug Ryan

    January 9, 2012 7:47pm

    I agree Ronnie is one of the nicest persons period. He sat down and had a chat with my wife and I at the Maloof DC contest. He showed us the insoles and stabilizer. I own both of the above products and use them religiously. I have high arches in my feet so I put the Primo insoles in on top of the factory insoles. You could skate all day in these and your feet would feel fine. I have rolled my foot a couple of times resulting in a bone spur on the interior of my right foot. I have tried all kinds of sports braces and even used sports tape only to find out they irritated my spur. Since using the ankle stabilizer I haven’t had one problem with my spur flaring up. I even use it when I work out at the gym. I would reccomend these to anybody who has high arches and ankle problems. They even work great with Stance gripper cush socks. As an older skater I need to conserve my feet so I can keep skating until my golden years and these products can do that. Thanks Ronnie. And to piggyback on Ronnie’s saying “Happy Skateboarding.”


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