S.S.O.T.Y. ’14 Nominees: Emerica Reynolds Vulc


Fresh out the box Reynolds Vulcs, from Emerica.

When Emerica started its higher quality campaign, they helped to revitalize the cupsole market with all their G6 models. And after a couple years of the cupsole models doing well, Emerica took the opportunity to appeal to a wider audience and release them as vulcs. These shoes, such as the Reynolds Vulc, were thinner, pointier, and all about boardfeel and durability. Read More

Your Old Beaten Skate Shoes Turned Into Pieces Of Art

Get Your Old Favorite Skate Shoes Converted Into Art.

Get Your Old Favorite Skate Shoes Converted Into Art.

If you’ve ever spent more than 5 minutes on this site, it’s because you know exactly how to rip a shoe apart on your skateboard. Well, if your dreams of becoming sponsored are finally dead and you’re reconsidering ruining a perfectly good pair of shoes on your skateboard, here’s why you should reconsider that terrible decision. Read More

Supra’s 2015 Team Model Will Win Skateboarding Back

Supra Skateboarding's "Avex" model is bound to turn some heads.

Supra Skateboarding’s “Avex” model is bound to turn some heads.

It’s no secret that Supra’s been far too distant from its beloved skateboarding roots. Between the questionable collaborations, a lack of Muska sightings on his skateboard versus in front of a canvas and lastly, the fact that they’ve separated skateboarding entirely from Supra Footwear accounts for a lot of lost trust with Supra. But there’s a significant chance that they’ll win you/us back in 2015. Read More

Could DC Make The Best Rubber Toe Cap In Skateboarding?


Could this nameless shoe be Evan Smith’s pro model?

Much like the rest of their catalog, DC has progressed skateboarding footwear by embracing future designs, all while paying homage to their long history of skate shoes. While that statement has been more and more true with every one of their releases, it looks as though DC is going after an untapped model with what could be Evan Smith’s pro model.

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