First Glance: Adidas Skateboarding’s Matchcourt Mid

More Rubber Toe's contending for the No.1 spot - Adidas Matchcourt Mid, due in Dec'15.

More Rubber Toe’s contending for the No.1 spot – Adidas Matchcourt Mid, due in Dec’15.

With every skate brand on the market flaunting one, it’s going to be difficult deciding what rubber toe model is going to be the best for your buck. While we’re in the process of trying to answer that question, we can only speak for the Adidas Matchcourt Mid and other rubber toe models we’ve featured/skated before.
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Skateboarding’s Beloved Soundtracks: Dinosaur Jr.

Skateboarding's Beloved Soundtracks wouldn't be right without Dinosaur Jr.

Skateboarding’s Beloved Soundtracks wouldn’t be right without Dinosaur Jr.

When I first discovered skateboarding, I didn’t realize that there are a number of bands that share a strong bond with skateboarding: Joy Division, Sonic Youth, Bad Brains, Minor Threat, and more. But, the first band I realized that had a special connection to skateboarding was Dinosaur Jr. Their energy, wild guitar solos, buzzy feedback, and history in skate videos remain unmatched.

Dinosaur Jr. has a special bond to skateboarding, considering its frequently attached to the lexicon of Alien Workshop. Yes, the band was introduced prior to Memory Screen (like Ohio Skateout and Savannah Slamma III), yet the trio enhances the quality of Alien’s video parts from their already superb quality. In a way, it is fascinating to see a video part edited to the band without being attached to an AWS video. Let this article be considered an ode to Dinosaur Jr., but by proxy, a secondary homage to Alien Workshop. Read More

Vans Rowley Solo Review

Vans Rowley Solos, fresh out of the box and on our feet.

Vans Rowley Solos, fresh out of the box and on our feet.

Any model from Geoff Rowley’s catalog of skate shoes is undoubtably on any skater’s list of favorite shoes of all-time. He’s modified his models to fit with the times and then went against the grain to skate vulcanized models when everyone else was stuck in the puffy skate shoe era. With that in mind, his latest model from Vans holds true to that groundbreaking mentality of skating thin & boardfeel enhanced models.

Review Information
The review was done using our month long format. The shoe was skated for a total of 20 hours (with a fresh sheet of Mob grip for all you nerds out there). Check below for each grading. We base our rating from 1 – 10. 10 being the best and 1 being the absolute worst.

Disclaimer: We unintentionally skipped the 15 Hour photo. Sorry :( <3

Sizing & Support
Every shoe from Vans that we’ve ever skated falls in line with being True To Size and the Solo’s are no different. This vulcanized model is as lean as a skate shoe can get unless you’re thinking of how bare the Rowley SPV’s were. With the Solo’s, everything from the insole to the design were all about bare necessities. A Duracap Ollie guard, the trusty Vans waffle outsole and one piece toe bring you one of Vans most basic yet sufficient models.
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News Update: Lowkey, Everybody Is Making Moves

The tides of skateboarding team changes haven’t been as choppy as some of the past editions, but that’s not to say that there aren’t some changes to come

Historically, some of the biggest team changing are announced towards the end of the year. Typically between October and January. For instance, remember when Malto surprised everyone by announcing that he rode for Nike SB for New Years back in 2012. Yeah, that was a bit strange considering everyone is too hungover to care about any news that day but good effort nonetheless.

In MYM news, Scott Johnston can now be found designing for Adidas Skateboarding. Incredibly interested in finding out what this means, design-wise, for both Adidas and Lakai. Don’t forget what he did for Lakai though, in case you forgot. Read More