“Getting Fallen Off The Ground” – An Interview With Shoe Designer, Aaron Hoover

Sneak peek at Tommy Sandoval's upcoming Cupsole pro model. Shhh...

Sneak peek at Tommy Sandoval’s upcoming vulc pro model. Shhh…

The life of a skate shoe designer is a pretty selfless one. While the pro rightfully gets all the shine and credit for all of his hard skating (think “Designed by “insert pro name”), the designer takes a backseat to all the glory that’s equally deserved. As many designers don’t look for credit, they have the extremely difficult job of taking the sometimes incoherent notes and chicken-scratch drawings that a pro may submit, and turn them into something that not only the consumer is going to be pleased with, but the pro and company too. Sometimes designers are only to be left more confused than they previously were or know exactly what the skater wants within this process and that contributes to either an iconic shoe or a flop. Few possess the skills and patience to be a successful skate shoe designer and Aaron Hoover happens to be one of those individuals.

While his name might not ring a bell, Hoover has brought his unique and clean design aesthetic to brands that are in desperate need of a facelift. Most notably, when at Lakai, he worked with Rick Howard to create the longstanding and respected Lakai Manchester. He’s even been credited with taking Scott Johnston under his wing and showing him how to design skate shoes. After a successful run at Lakai, Hoover found his way to Habitat Footwear where the brand’s identity came from his and Joe Castrucci combined effort. Each and every model was crafted by Hoover and although Habitat Footwear is gone, let it be known that they had a dedicated fanbase that swore by their footwear.

After Habitat’s demise, Hoover’s respected talents were called upon by Jamie Thomas and the revamped team at Fallen Footwear. With Hoover’s respected track record in place, we had to have a sit down and pick his brain about his new work at Fallen Footwear.

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First Glance: C1RCA’s Essential

Windsor's Essential, out now. Also in these colorways.

Windsor’s Essential, out now. Also in these colorways.

It’s pretty difficult to merge fans on each coast as a professional skateboarder, especially when predating the addictive days of social media. While this publication is based on the East Coast, let it be known that Windsor James, a son of the West Coast, has been one of our favorites since he was on Darkstar (sorry, we didn’t wanna mention it either :/ ).

As one of skateboarding’s underrated handrail connoisseurs, we have been patiently waiting for Windsor to receive the pro model treatment. Our only request, when releasing his pro model video, is that he continues the unspoken and long forgotten tradition of skating to Gang Starr but it’s all good. Read More

Finding Out How The Nike CK1’s Skate Before They Drop

The CK1 from Nike SB, on feet POV.

The CK1 from Nike SB, on feet POV.

While the Internet has limitless capabilities, let it be known that we never thought we’d received some sneak peek photos and information about Cory Kennedy’s upcoming Nike SB pro model from Chile but that just so happens to be the case with this post. Read More

PF Flyers Center Hi Review

The Center Hi, by PF Flyers.

The Center Hi, by PF Flyers.

In 2014, it was evident that the rubber toe had made its way back into the skate game. The Chuck Taylor got the “pro” treatment with suede features and a lunarlon insole. The Huf Classic made its debut, and took the stage by storm. The ever-growing-in-popularity Janoski got a makeover with a reinforced toe & heel with a rubbery texture. Entire teams were seen decorated with ripped up canvas shoes yet distinguishable white toes. And in 2015, the #ReturnOfTheRubberToe trend shows no sign of stopping. The footage of Evan Smith’s new pro shoe has DC fans and skate shoe lovers alike all teeming for more pictures and information (coming soon). Not to mention, new colorways of the CTS’ and the Huf Classic are selling out at shops worldwide. The rubber toe is back and its better than ever.

During this impromptu review, we began to think: How come PF Flyers hasn’t fully branched out into the skate game? We’ve seen footage of Jason Adams & Chris Pastras absolutely destroying curbs. There was even footage of Josh Harmony at Tampa Pro ripping in a monotone all grey pair (Side Note: The judges blew it on that first run score, those tricks were absurd). It raises the question: Is PF looking to get a skate team going? In this day and age, it would be a pretty good idea. They’ve only been around since 1937…

Needless to say, we got curious. The shoe appears similar to the Chuck and has some distinctive features that could fare well when being used as a skate shoe. After all, their ad campaign from back in the day made it seem like a no-brainer that they would one day be involved with skateboarding. We picked up a pair of Center Hi’s to see how they functioned when put to the test of our beloved wooden toy. And we must say, we were pleasantly surprised. Read More