News Update: Dust Em Off & Skate Em While You Can

Retro Reviews? With the Circa the process of being "reviewed".

Retro Reviews? With the Circa CM802…in the process of being “reviewed”.

The idea of skating a shoe that’s been in a closet for close to 20 years sounds absolutely ridiculous but sure enough, it’s more of a common occurrence with every passing day. As we’re still investigating, we can’t tell if this is a publicity stunt of some small degree, a sensation due to a growing mid-life crisis or most plausible, a lack of footwear that’s currently speaking to consumers. Read More

DC Matt Miller Pro Model Review w/ Dylan Sourbeer

DC Matt Miller's wear, during the filming of this video review.

DC Matt Miller’s wear, during the filming of this video review.

Matt Miller’s debut pro model for DC is highly anticipated for a number of reasons. Not only has it been a part of the tech resurgence that’s showing no signs of slowing down, but it’s also a modern day reminder of DC’s heritage. With their technical reputation fully intact, Matt’s first pro model blends today’s modern day necessities with the classic technical elements we’ve always trusted from DC Shoes. Read More

Coexisting W/ Pedestrians, Our Favorite Moments – Pt2

Pedestrian: "Supreme? I smoke a lil crack every now and then" "Hey, I used to too, it's no big deal" -Dill

Pedestrian: “Supreme? I smoke a lil crack every now and then”  Dill: “Hey, I used to too, it’s no big deal” Part 1.

Whether it’s an overly concerned parent, policeman or random pedestrian with nothing to do, you’re bound to get fucked with on the streets. Is that more or less of a reason to go to the skatepark? If we had to guess, our assumption is that most would pick the serenity & smooth angle ironed ledges of the skatepark but we’ll take the former. As stated previously, interacting with that crazy crackhead during a street session is just as necessary as the complete under your feet. Read More

First Glance: DC Matt Miller Pro

Nollie Heels aren't supposed to be that high...

Not used to seeing nollie heel’s that high…

DC’s latest offering is the perfect balance between tech and simplicity. Lets face it, not everyone is willing to crossover into the world of “tech” footwear so easy. For those apprehensive skaters, the Matt Miller Pro is a perfect combination of that simple one piece toe you’ve come to love and today’s modernized tech movement that you desperately want to try but can’t. For those consumers who aren’t ready to Uncuff (who would?), rock baggier jeans and embrace the likes of a runner toe, the Miller pro can ease you into that “tech” footwear model that you otherwise weren’t interested in.

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