Then & Now with Erik Ellington – Part 2

Ellington walks us through the start of Supra Footwear's history.

Ellington walks us through the start of Supra Footwear’s history.

Concluding Ellington’s Then & Now series, Erik talks us through the risks and hardships involved with starting a new skate shoe company when he was already established at Emerica. A classic story of “no risk, no reward”

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Welcome Back Old Friend, Part 3

Kalis' newest DC pro model, the Wolf. #AirbagForever

Kalis’ newest DC pro model, the Wolf. #AirbagForever

When we revealed that the Centric S was leaving too soon, it came as no surprise to see consumers upset. The shelf life of Centric was fair but seeing as how he is one of skateboarding’s most respected contributors, we still whimpered at the fact that his pro model was no more. Read More

Support Your Local Marshalls, Ross, Etc…


#SupportYourLocalDepartmentStore #OnTheComeUp

There’s an epidemic of sorts happening. Its come to our attention that there’s a growing number of skate shoes available in outlet/secondary stores everywhere. This is nothing new but what makes this matter that much more surprising is the overwhelming number of models that are still in skate shops everywhere. Read More