News Update: Are Once Wack Brands Cool Again?

And your answer is...?

And your answer is…?

As we’re all well aware, skateboarding is in a strange state of affairs. In all categories, if you aren’t pushing your best effort forward, it doesn’t matter how “core” you are, your product simply won’t sell. Even truer, if you aren’t pushing the critical shoe design of skateboarding to another level, your shoes just aren’t going to sell well. Nike, DC, and Adidas are all doing fine, and smaller brands like HUF or Lakai have created an aesthetic that has guaranteed them a consumer base. Fallen and Emerica are constantly fighting for the rail chomper consumer, all while Vans will continue to reign- especially after the release of “Propeller”.

On the other side of the coin, there are some brands that have been dominating the mall store scene, only to find themselves in an uncomfortable corner demographic. It’s because of this position that these better known Wack brands are now having to reinventing their image to help keep a skate audience intrigued. You gotta respect that…#OrNah? Read More

DIY: Give Your Average Skate Shoe A Rubber ToeCap

Follow these Instructions and your shoes could look like this too. Done by: @feelingofstoke

Follow these Instructions and your shoes could look like this too. Done by: @feelingofstoke

Let’s face the facts:
1. If you skateboard, you are going to wear out your shoes much quicker than the general population.
2. A hole will blow through your shoes right when they finally start to feel broken-in.
3. Rubber toecaps are rad.
4. Life is too short to keep breaking-in new shoes.

There are many techniques we can try out to keep our favorite shoes in action and in my 15 years of skateboarding, I have tried them all to extend the usable life of my shoes. Duct tape, Shoe Goo, Skate-Aid patches, super glue, skate stickers, leather scraps, iron-on patches, hot glue, you name it, I’ve tried it. Read More

Meet The Man Behind All Of Your Favorite Skate Shoes

franck sole tech scheme. Photo  Mathias Fennetaux

Franck & his creation, the éS Scheme back in ’99. Photo: Mathias Fennetaux

In every industry, there are those figures who challenge the status quo and push the limits of design and functionality. While basketball and Jordan enthusiast alike have Tinker Hatfield to praise for his incredible contribution to Nike’s footwear designs, skateboarding will indeed have its own. It’s in our humble opinion that Franck Boistel is skateboarding’s most iconic shoe designer.

While he might not have created some of your favorite shoes as of recent, he essentially took his passion for skateboarding, with no proper footwear design background, and contributed immensely to Sole Tech’s takeover during their peak of the early 2000′s. Hit after hit, Franck’s shoes were selling out with no signs of stopping. His inspirations are gathered throughout infinite categories, even to the extent of creating some of your favorite outsoles based off of sewer caps and upper’s based off of amphibians natural texture. His thought process is unlike most and having his point of view gives him an advantage most can’t learn, even with many years of industrial design study. It’s Franck’s distinct eye that has created some of the best selling skate shoes of all-time and we’ve been meaning to document and thank him since the site’s inception. His list of skate shoes designs are far too long to reference in this article but if you’re interested, here they are.

If you were ever looking for info on how to become a skate shoe designer, absorb some knowledge from an individual who never had intentions of creating many of the shoes you store in your closet today and cherish with your childhood memories. Read More

10 Classic Skate Shoes That Could Be Better As Chillers

This photo just makes us feel like this.

This photo just makes us feel like this. JK 1 Trainer/Chiller…..or you could skate em’.

In one form or fashion, we all want our favorite childhood skate shoes to comeback into our lives. No one cares how, because you simply want the memory back. With only a few wanting early era-2000’s skate shoes for their performance values, the rest of the skateboarding community is content with having them for the sole purpose of wearing and enjoying them.

Over the weekend, Josh Kalis blessed the internet with a subtle announcement of his 1st DC pro model being reissued as a chiller. With this announcement, its got us thinking about what other classic skate shoe(s) should be reissued as “chillers” (btw, can we please come up with another term for a relaxing skate shoe?). After gather the RL team of nerds together for a meeting of the minds, we’ve come to the consensus of what you see below. There are a number of reasons as to why these older skate shoes would serve a better purpose as a “Chiller”. The primary reason being that once you would put on any of these reissue’s, you’d probably come to the realization of how insane it would be to skate them today. More over, the design of each of these shoes are so primitive in terms of material, that you’d have to update them in more than one way, which would cost a lot of money. This is explains why most companies won’t just recreate your favorite old skate shoes. So, in order to save thousands of dollars for these companies and your angst from having a shoe that isn’t in its truest form (think of your reaction with the new DC Lynx), we’re suggesting for these companies to put their classic shoes out as they were and recommend every skater to relax in them. And if they so please, they have the option to skate them. Everyone wins.

Read More

DIY: Break-In Skate Shoes Better with DC’s N2

Working w/ Nyjah's N2 to get more grip & flex. Available now.

Working w/ Nyjah’s N2 to get more grip & flex. Available now.

We all know where most of skateboarding stands when it comes to Nyjah Huston. We all can’t deny his incredible skating but regardless of his talent, he still receives flack for simply being too good. Strange enough, the same could be said about his 2nd pro model from DC. Read More