FYI, They’re Not The Same: OG éS Accel VS New éS Accel

Same shoe, different fit.

Same shoe, same company, different fit.

While most of you might be celebrating the return of skateboarding’s most beloved shoe, there is something that you must know: They’re not the same as they used to be. Depending on your preferences, this is either terrible news or magnificent. You tell us. Read More

Q: Does Skateboarding Need More Goony Rap? A: Yes

Simple Mathematics

Simple Mathematics

Although his commercial success hasn’t been as high since “WHY” came out, Jadakiss is a staple artist for everyone here at RL. Whenever we’re passed the aux cord, Jadakiss is bound to find his way onto the stereo and actually makes us feel like this. If you’ll allow us a break from analyzing skate shoes for a moment, then we’ll obviously analyze the next most important subject: Skate Videos Needing More Goony Rap. Read More

Questions & Rumors: Soon-To-Be-Released Nike SB Model?

Sample SB shoe has us like "WHUT?!"

Sample SB shoe has us like “WHUT?!” photo: Scott Warneke

This site’s dedication and admiration of paneled/rubber toe caps could never be described. We know that you guys pay top dollar for a functional shoe, so rationally, it only makes sense to infuse a rubber toe on any/every skate shoe (especially if you’re going to shoe goo it anyways). Read More

Buying Guide: Converse Weapon Skate

The release of CONS’ Weapon Skate team model could potentially take the crown as this year’s most “Slept On” shoe. There are a bunch of obvious traits that give us this impression but its bulky look and paneled toe cap probably have most consumers turned off. We’re here to reassure you that this shoe is one of the better skate shoes of 2014. Read More