DIY: Resurrect Your Old Favorite Skate Shoes

Axion Gino's before and after (w/ a Nike Koston 1 sole)

Axion Islander (Gino Pro Model) before and after (w/ a Nike Koston 1 sole)

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” has been echo throughout time for countless years and skateboarders have been one of the few subspecies in today’s civilization willing to keep that state of mind alive. For years, skateboarders have witnessed the reincarnation of our used and abused hardgoods in the form of art, furniture and even accessories. Never before have we thought to refurbish our abused footwear of the past. Beat up old skate shoes either serve as a reminder of what we used to skate in or have been secondary shoes for house chores such as painting…until now. Read More

First Glance: Adidas Skateboarding ZX Vulc

Adidas ZX Vulc skates like a cupsole but gives you the traction of a vulcanized skate shoe.

Adidas ZX Vulc skates like a cupsole but gives you the traction of a vulcanized skate shoe.

With no real intention of leaking the info on social media, we had to let you guys know how the ZX Vulc skated via Instagram. The initial feeling from the shoes felt exactly as we said but here’s some extended details you need to know before purchasing these runner-inspired skate shoes.

Initial Fit & Feel
The ZX Vulc’s are indeed made from a vulcanized construction but surprisingly feel like a cupsole. In few words, this feeling comes from a platform-like construction and their newly introduced PU insole. The cushioning within the ZX Vulc is far more superior than most eva-stocked vulcanized models therefore giving it the clear edge over most vulcanized competition. In classic form, the ZX’s run true to size but can be different depending on your foot. We received our pair at a half size down and after some tedious breaking-in, we managed to fit our feet in without socks. There was little to no discomfort. Had we had a true size, we’re sure that socks would’ve provided the same feel as we have now. Regardless, in our own fashion, summer time weather calls for at least 1 pair of sockless skate shoes for those unbearable hot days of skating. The tongue and collar have a great amount of padding and actually remind us of the bulkier days of skate shoes…in a good way.

As with models like the Lucas, the forefoot area is extremely accommodating for those with larger/wider feet. The arch support is very accommodating as well and will keep your heel from slipping out with the help of the heel counter. The comfort and fit of these ZX’s alone is perfect enough to simply wear around town but then their skating potential would never be known. Read More

#JkJhnsn’s Favorite Shoe Will Be Your Favorite Soon

Even though Dr.Z’s been providing us with endless evidence of how flawless his switch game is, make no mistake that both him & Jake Johnson will be sporting the Weapon Skate in the coming months. The iconic basketball sneaker has been transformed to fit the needs of skaters and looks to be performing at a stellar level. Read More

Agenda Sneak Peek: Servant Footwear

The Vallely from Servant Footwear

The Vallely from Servant Footwear

Debuting at Agenda LBC for the first time, Servant Footwear is just beginning to make their big splash into the US market. Hailing from Sweden, Servant Footwear makes footwear for all preferences but has a huge Vegan following due to their functional synthetic models. Their 4skin technology, (lol) feels and skates exactly like suede. This microfiber formula has been perfected to such an extent that most of their consumers can’t tell the difference between a 4skin covered upper and a suede model. Truthfully, neither could we. With all of their advancements and growing credibility, we couldn’t ignore their booth at Agenda. Can’t believe we didn’t include them in this list

At Agenda LBC, Servant debuted Mike Vallely’s pro model and as we were told, it came out exactly as Mike wanted it. As seen in the photos, The Vallely features a suede upper and a reinforced toe cap for added durability. Mike’s debut pro model for Servant sits on top of their cupsole construction and includes Servant’s Heelheaven impact protection. You should probably expect Mike to release a part in the coming months leading up to the debut of his shoe. We don’t expect it to disappoint either…

Other notable models like their staple Loiter, Uppercut and Dagon model have created huge waves all across Europe and have high expectations here in the states. Their reasonable priced models are not only supportive but fully functional in every sense.

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Nyjah’s 2nd DC Pro Model Is Practically Indestructible

Nyjah's 2nd Pro Model, coming to you for Spring 2015 - $110

Nyjah’s 2nd Pro Model, The N2, is coming to you for Spring 2015 – $110

DC is continually progressing their line of footwear to keep up with the ever demanding skateboarding community. The pace within footwear is constantly changing and DC naturally decided to change everything you thought you knew about their technology with their Spring 2015 collection.

Given his relentless reign during the majority of SLS stops, it’s no wonder Nyjah is receiving a second pro model. It’s models like Nyjah’s N2 that keep consumers unsure as to what they want – until its on their feet of course. This shoe’s unconventional design will be sure to draw some hesitation from skaters but as with most tech offerings, its what’s inside that’ll convince you of its worthiness. Read More