News Update: More Runner Inspired Skate Shoes, Oh’kay?

Welcome skateboardings latest running inspired team model - Adidas ZX

Welcome skateboardings latest running inspired team model – Adidas Skateboarding ZX Vulc model

If our analysis of a sweatpants revival was accurate, 2014 appears to be the year to cultivate your best early-2000′s look. This retro look is only now going to work due to the slow but forthcoming acceptance from skate shoe brands. More and more brands are embracing the runners toe again and with good reason- it works. (Believe us, the Westgate review is coming out next week)

If Mark Suciu’s performance during his Tampa pro run wasn’t convincing enough to believe in these skateable ZX Vulc’s, then maybe you should think of other similar models like the Westgate’s or the BA pro model. Each of these models have a commitment to bring back skateboarding’s athletic style and should be commended for it even though most kids today don’t necessarily agree with understand it.

For those who can’t tell, it’s highly inspired by the Adidas ZX series of lifestyle sneakers. Mainly the 750 in our eyes. Although subtle, this Adidas runner toe looks as though it’ll please any apprehensive skaters in comparison to Nike’s & Emerica’s recent attempts. During Fall ’14 is when all of these models can be found going face to face in skate shops across the country, but the real question is: Which will consumers favor..? From what we know, this Adidas skate-runner will be at a well suited price point considering that theirs has no official pro endorsing it. With little to no royalties to pay, you can expect to see this ZX model between $70-80, making it the cheapest of the 3. FYI: due to this upcoming ZX release, we’ve waived all consideration of taking SBN’s latest Adidas pro model as a skate-runner. #jussayin

So which one are you most interested in?
Which one looks the best?

Rarities: DVS Revival SC #WeDunFuckedUpEdition

A heavily worn DVS Revival SC.

A heavily worn DVS Revival SC.

Its not often that we get our heart broken but when we do, we’ll likely post about it. Today is one of those unfortunate days. For those of you that have been paying attention to our Agenda Sneak Peeks (Yes, there are more coming), one of the most promising shoes of the 2014 year was to come from DVS. With their incredible team and addition of new shoe designer M. Kubota, they’ve been making every possible effort to make a better product for skateboarders worldwide. Even with all of that taken into consideration, the highly sought after Revival SC will not debut this upcoming Fall season.

Our guilty pleasure of skating #AllWhiteEverything leather skate shoes is now fucked. Our plans were to recreate Daewon’s beautiful behavior of the 90′s. To complete the look, we frosted our hair, wore a jersey, relocated a picnic table all the way from LA and lastly, were waiting on these shoes to complete the transformation. We don’t know who to blame exactly so naturally we’ll blame the only person we can think of.

Its unsure to us as to why the Revival isn’t making it into final production phase but we’re sad to see it go. The photo above is from our friend @ckoshbgosh on Instagram. He was kind enough to share this photo with us. From his testimony, the Revival’s held up great and had an even better feel to them. If you’re lucky, hopefully you’ll be able to find these Rarities on eBay asap. They’re worth whatever the asking price is.

Stock For The Winter, Spend It In Spring – Pt 3

Who will you spend those racks on?

Who will you spend those racks on?

Ripped Laces cannot be held accountable for jinxing anything, but it seems like Mother Nature has finally brought us the warmer weather we’ve been craving. And although this east coast rain is a bitch, Austyn Gillette is good role model of how #teamhandsome deals with rain. Don’t ever let torrential downpours stop you from skating effortlessly in a slippery concrete park…

So, now that you’re ready to skate under sun until you can’t feel your legs, what are some more shoes we can’t help but recommend?

The Vincent.

The Vincent Alvarez pro model may help you skate at higher speeds.

Lakai: Ever since Lakai’s manufacturing shift, the quality of their product has increased ten fold, and their Spring 2014 line follows suit. Like always we like to start off with a vulc, and our top choice is easily the Lakai Alvarez pro model. The shoe can certainly take a beating especially with its raised foxing tape, and it sturdy beyond belief thanks to that Griffin outsole. If you’ve seen our joint review with Homage, then keep in mind that this is one of the heavier vulc shoes on the market. What’s the benefit of this? You’re feet wont be aching after a long sesh–these shoes will protect your feet at all costs.


The BB4, at a reasonable $75

On the cupsole side of things, the BB4, Brandon Biebel’s newest pro model may be the best choice for ya. He’s finally kissed goodbye paneled toe caps, which, while classic, are hard to make well/sell well. The new BB4 has a sleek silhouette and a shit ton of technology packed into it. Tons of ventilation, XLK outsole, and poron underneath the insole (A material used in high impact sports such as Hockey). It’s light, durable, and good looking. Be wary, if you slip these bad boys on, you may feel obligated to start working out daily and smoking absurd amounts of weed.

***Disclaimer – you will never be able to have Biebel’s muscle mass while still being able to skate. He is a phenomena*** Read More

Coming Sooner Than Later: Nike SB All Court

Potentially coming this Fall...maybe.

Potentially coming this Fall…maybe.

This news shouldn’t be too surprising with all the exposure the All Court has been receiving as of late. Team riders have taken full advantage of their promo cards and have been purchasing All Courts to skate in. Who could really blame them though? Sure, the rest of Nike’s product doesn’t fall short from being equally as great as these All Courts but these Tennis shoes just so happen to offer so much more in comparison. From what we’ve heard, there’s talks of the All Court getting the SB treatment and even being featured as a quickstrike in some stores come this fall. Maybe some additional padding or better yet, a Lunarlon upgrade? It just goes to show that sometimes non-skate shoes make for ideal skate shoes. Is this the case with these too?

What will this mean for competing shoe brands? Obviously it’s a little to early to tell but given Nike’s durable reputation, you can’t help but think of how the HUF Classic will match  up against the All Court given their rubber toe cap similarity. Or will the Etnies Marana be a more suitable opponent?

Stranger than all is how late the demand is for this All Court model. Through a saturation of models from their previous Nike 6.0 venture, All Courts have taken up space in many outlet malls and Ross-like stores for years now. Obviously, given the effects of social media and influencing pro’s, the All Courts have caught everyones attention now. We previously went as far as ranting about how cheap they are on eBay because we can only assume that their price point will increase once labeled SB.

This happened last week btw.
Which rubber toe cap are you going with?

Gilby, Doin’ It For Tha Vine: Vans Gilbert Mids

Long SF 50-50, for da Vine.

Long SF 50-50 in Gilbert Mids, for da Vine. #NeverUncuff

When he’s not doing the unthinkable on his board, Gilbert Crockett is known as one of skateboarding’s few participating members of Vine. The social networking app that’s lost touch with skateboarding is somewhat revamped due to his consistent postings along with their occasional Pornstar postings that you can’t find on Instagram. Between his, @Bustcrew (they might deserve a dedicated post too) and a few other notables, you can find them having a better time than you can ever imagine. Our favorite ongoing skit of his, if you can call it that, is during their absurd bets on even crazier tricks. #20bocks!

Be that as it may, we’re not just reporting Gilbert’s greatest Vine moments. We’re also celebrating the fact that his shoe has received the green light to get the Mid treatment. The photo above proves that his Gilbert Mid isn’t too far from public release. You should realistically give it a year or so till release dates are officially announced. Given the results of his low, you can obviously say that we’re looking forward to his pro model upgrade.

In honor of this momentous occasion, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite Gilby moments. There’s honestly way more but we’re trying to exercise some diligence and keep it at 10. There were initially up to 16-20. Enjoy.

  1.  The mandatory beat loop.
  2. Do it for the Vine: The Skateboarding Edition.
  3. What should be considered an Olympic event should skateboarding make it in.
  4. “Made $20 BOCKS” – He’s Pro for a reason.
  5. Lost $20 BOCKS.
  6. Tryin’ to break even.
  7. Skateboarding’s largest purse yet.
  8. What’s crazy is how close it was.
  9. Harder than it looks.
  10. Consistency training.
  11. Bonus: For genuinely being funny.

Thanks to TG for leading us onto this. His photography is mega-Chill.