Coffee & Skateboarding, A Bitter Yet Sweet Tale

The correlation between skateboarding & coffee is closer than you think. As we reflect on “National Coffee Day”, we got a hold of our morning jitters to surmise all of the wonderful collaborations that have come from two of our favorite things: Coffee and Skateboarding.

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Rarities: Lakai’s Koston One High (Never Released)

The decision was shocking. No one could believe it and no one had a clue as to where Koston was going after leaving Lakai back in 2009. As one of the most short-lived team additions in all of skateboarding, (no ones got AO beat w/ 3D though) we all wondered why Koston was leaving a brand that fit his entire image so well. Well, before leaving, we found out that Koston and Scott Johnston at Lakai had the intentions of making his iconic Koston 1 model into a skate-able high. Read More

What’s It Worth? Nike SB Prod 8

Nike Prod 8's, out the box.

Nike Prod 8′s, out the box.

Between this shoe, and the HUF Dylan, there hasn’t been any other releases met with so much hate/skepticism. On one hand you have a super narrow dress shoe, and on the other a basketball-inspired shoe with massive technical abilities. They’re both reaching extremes in the skate shoe world, but we’ve already debunked the myth that the Dylan’s wouldn’t skate well, so what about these? Read More

HUF Dylan Pro Review

Without mincing too many words, the results of this review could receive the same level of skepticism that the Dylan’s have had. It’s to be expected when something unorthodox actually functions and to the same extents, this review is fitting to the reaction of Dylan’s 2nd pro model. No one expected them to actually skate as good as they did, but in his typical fashion, Dylan goes onto shock the world, again. Read More