Meet Your Maker w/ Rob Carlos Of Adidas Skateboarding

Rob Carlos' creation, the Suciu Adv. Full review here ICYMI.

Rob Carlos’ creation, the Suciu Adv. Full review here ICYMI.

There’s a lot of mystery behind the doors of all major skate shoe brands. From conceptualizing designs to the early stages of development, there’s an inconceivable amount of work that goes into creating the skate shoes that we yearn to rip up. Designer’s may have to design upwards of 4-5 seasons ahead, meaning they have to use an instinct that can’t be taught when projecting trends, materials and colorways that will be popular a year or two down the line.

We’ve always appreciated the humility that skate shoe designers take when it comes to their creations but this MYM column is dedicated to them for their incredible effort. Your favorite Pro may entice you to buy their model more than anything else, but it’s the designer’s who take on the difficult task of taking that pro’s crazy ideas and making them into something tangible.

We caught up with the talented Rob Carlos, who’s behind Adidas Skateboarding’s current catalog of skate shoes. Rob lets us in on what it takes to get his job, how one small detail and make or break a design and more. Enjoy.


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Agenda Sneak Peek: Lakai Limited Footwear SP16 PT 2

The reissued Lakai Staple in all of its initial colorways.

The reissued Lakai Staple in all of its initial colorways. – More in Part 1

After an entire summer of rumors, Agenda 2015 served as the official unveiling of the revamped Staple. We touched on highlights of the shoe here, but for those who missed it, the original cupsole is being replaced by the vulcanized sole found on the Griffins, and the original plastic toecap is being replaced by a heat-transferred rubber toecap (making them eligible for #ReturnOfTheRubberToe). The three colorways pictured here are signature to Mike Carroll, Brandon Biebel, and Rick Howard, respectively. Read More

Should We Be Mad That Guy Skates For Nike SB?

Are you the boy in image 1 or 2?

Are you the boy in image 1 or 2?

“I mean there was times when we were out there, making this video,” Guy Mariano says in the beginning of The Final Flare, “that it was more than just Lakai, it was more than just selling shoes, it was just a part of something so much bigger than that.” The same could be said for Guy’s jump from the flare to the swoosh that happened only a few days ago. Normally, another skater added to Nike’s payroll doesn’t feel much like news, but this feels like a move made in a room where it’s so quiet you can hear a pin drop, but that pin is an anvil. Guy has been on Lakai and Girl since he came back into skating in 2005, so the nature of this news is as momentous. How quickly time flies: just ten years ago, Guy was filming for Fully Flared, but is now on Nike. Read More

Skateboarding’s Beloved Soundtracks: The Kinks

The Kinks

The Kinks

While it’s not hard to believe, the fact that skateboarding can have such synergy with a song or an artist tracing back to the 1960’s is still astonishing. The Kinks’ peaceful sounds and ability to harmonize makes them a more unpredictable choice for SBS, but their ability to change attitudes and tones give skate videos an extra bit of personality and warmth that many other bands/genre’s fail to emulate. The Kinks’ music can’t be tuned to just any skateboarder; rather, they happen to cater to those with an impeccable choice of tricks and creative lines. Moreover, there’s something to say about a video part that both you and your grandfather could vibe with.  Read More

Buying Guide: Lakai Staple

Lakai's newly reissued Staple is holding up, regardless of its Vulcanized construction (Yes, we wanna see it in cupsole too but c'mon).

Lakai’s newly reissued Staple is holding up, regardless of its Vulcanized construction (Yes, we wanna see it in cupsole too but c’mon now).

Reissues and rubber toe caps are trending hard in 2015, and Lakai has its bases covered with the remodeled Staple. The original design, a bulky cupsole by today’s standards, now features a vulcanized sole and a heat-transferred rubber toecap to appeal to the next generation of Crailtap. Although the Staple isn’t scheduled to come out until March 2016, we got a hold of a sample pair earlier this year. In lieu of having a production pair of Staples, we wanted to share our results after 20 Hours of skating but please keep in mind that these are samples. Based on the results, you can get a pretty good idea of how the full production quality Staple’s should be able to hold up. Here are some thoughts on the shoe after over twenty hours of wear and tear. Read More