Accidental Involvement: Joey Brezinski Speaks on Puma


Joey Brezinski, performing a back 180 nosegrind at Stoner park in his Puma Suedes.

It’s been five years since Puma’s involvement in skateboarding and there’s never been any concrete evidence that they were truly supporting skateboarding- or their endorsed skateboarders for that matter. With no pro models to show for it, there’s never been any definitive proof that Puma cared about being fully involved in skateboarding. The only indication of their involvement was being pushed by Joey Brezenski. As a one man army, he worked as their TM (team manager), sales rep and brand manager for their entire skate division- if you can call it that. Anything from finding skate shops to carry their brand, to finding skateboarders in need of a solid shoe sponsor, Joey made the necessary adjustments to make things happen. Unfortunately, despite his efforts, Joey announced that he’s leaving Puma. We all witnessed his loyalty to the brand and wondered why they parted ways after everything appeared to be going so well. Read More

The Midtop Treatment With The Adidas Busenitz

A Busenitz Mid, behind a fresh White & Gum colorway. - $85

A Busenitz Mid, behind a fresh White & Gum colorway. – $85

The life expectancy for most models in today’s market varies, but on average, it appears that 2-4 years is a good run for today’s standards. It’s hard to pinpoint why models today don’t have too much longevity but if we had to guess, it’s because skateboarders are sold more on quality versus the marketability of a product these days. Gone are the days of wanting to look and skate like your favorite pro skater, especially when a kid from one town over is better and consistently putting out more footage than said favorite pro on Instagram. All things considered, there are few exceptions. Read More

Coexisting W/ Pedestrians, Our Favorite Moments – Pt4

Brandon Westgate and the Hearty SF Inhabitant.

Beware, even little old ladies can lay down the law.

A good clip in skating is one that you can remember the highlights of, but a great clip is one that is quotable. Nearly any video exhibits filler clips, some dressed up in 8mm film, others in high-def. headshots, but some of the best ones show interaction between pedestrians and skaters. You tend to learn something in these moments, particularly along the lines of the point of view of a pair of eyes that are from the outside looking in. Interactions such as the list below vary from accusatory, admiration, and bewilderment.
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The 10 Best Skate Shoes Of 2015

SSOTY '15, what's your pick for skate shoe of the year?

SSOTY ’15, what’s your pick for skate shoe of the year?

Disclaimer: Our list isn’t like many others. This list is compiled of shoes that had to come out in 2015. No previous releases or updated colorways count, had to be a new shoe for 2015. Also, we’re basing ours off of numerous aspects. Durability, design, technology, innovation, popularity and comfortability all come into play with this list. Lastly, this list was made possible from all of our reviews, contributors and data.

If 2014 was about having “tech” models, then 2015 was about nothing more than durability. Every shoe brand in skateboarding pushed and developed their product to the highest threshold and it showed. 2015 also evened the playing field with the return of the rubber toe cap. While this technology belongs to no one brand, some are doing it in different ways to keep consumers interested- but can this saturated process overwhelm skater’s and push them into another direction entirely? Only 2016 has that answer.

Durability has always been important in skate footwear but was key this year. If we weren’t busy finding out what shoe was practically indestructible, we were looking for the surprises along the way. For instance, all of the reissues that took place this year pleased the masses like never before, and if we had to guess, maybe 2016 will highlight this oncoming trend even more. With 2015 coming to a close, we’re excited for all things 2016. Thanks for checking out RL during this year. Hope to see you around in 2016.
-RL Team Of Nerds

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Adidas Matchcourt Mid Review

The Adidas Matchcourt Mid, out the box.

The Adidas Matchcourt Mid, out the box.

While all rubber toe models guarantee a great amount of durability, let it be known that they are not all created equal. Such is the case with Adidas Matchcourt team model. As one of the few rubber toe models that comes in both a low and mid, the Matchcourt’s advantage lies in being able to provide ankle support or the free range mobility of a low. More than that though, we can imagine most people would simply want these due to the incredible footage we’ve witness on IG from the Adidas team in them. If that appeal doesn’t do it for you, its durability and reasonably priced $74.95 value just might tempt you.  Read More