Revisiting An Ex: Savier Footwear

Before this article, there was this Collector's Stash. Photo's courtesy of @Metreyodalf

Before this article, there was this Collector’s Stash. Shoe photo’s courtesy of @Metreyodalf’s collection.

In an age of triple stitched toe boxes, and exposed seems a-plenty, a company emerged to stake their claim as the antithesis of such designs, and Savier was their name. Savier set out to get rid of most vulnerabilities other shoes of the early 2000′s were flawed with, and do it with a very unique, sometimes futuristic style. They liked to utilize the one piece toe design with no exposed stitches during a time when we still had layers of patches of panels everywhere. Two years into their creation Nike threw some money at them, and helped them open the door to the technology that would allow them to pull off some of their wild design aesthetics. That partnership also laid the foundation for future relationships with the likes of Brad Staba, Brian Anderson and Stefan Janoski, who would soon be swoosh-bound. Read More

Emerica The Figueroa Review

First off… It’s “Fig-uh-row-uh” not “Fig-wear-uh”.

Rightly so, Emerica’s Sabbath loving handrail destroyer, Justin ‘Figgy’ Figueroa is the latest member of the Emerica family to receive a pro model shoe. In similar fashion to Colin Provost with the Reynolds Cruiser and Leo Romero with the Laced, rather than start from scratch, Figgy has chosen to rework one of his favorite Emerica models into his signature shoe.

In his own words:
“I like the basic less-is-more style. I’m not trying to change the game. I’m trying to go with what works. I feel like when I look down, certain shoes are better for certain tricks. In my shoe, the toe just makes you want to kickflip. I look down and it makes me hyped to skate in. I’m addicted!”

Whereas the old saying goes “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it” – this is more like providing a nice finish… Read More

Thick Over Thin: Cup’s Vulcanized Treatment – Pt 1

The Difference Between Cup & Vulc, as explain through a Woman's shape.

The Difference Between Cup & Vulc, as explain through a Woman’s shape.

If universal beauty consists of the same idea as a vulcanized shoe (thin, sleek & little to no padding), let us be the first to admit that we like our shoes as we like our women- functional, padded with plenty of cushioning & curves.

Due to our preference, its become eerie to understand the supposed demand for cupsole-to-vulcanized models. Certainly, we can understand the appeal to a thinner model (“boardfeel bro!”) but doesn’t it make sense to the rest of you, that sometimes paying more means getting more? We’re not going to delve into the price hike that skate shoes have had lately, rather, we’re looking to understand why skaters choose Vulc over a protective Cupsole (aside from the “It’s cheaper” school of thought).

Some cases are for the better whereas others are for the worse. Allow us to elaborate with some examples that we find boggling and equally, understanding. Read More

Buying Guide: New Balance Numeric Logan-S 636

NB#'S Logan-S 636 in Black & Gold

NB#’S Logan-S 636 in Black & Gold

For those of you who tried NB# initial release of footwear, you were pleasantly surprised by a tightly fitting shoe when ordering your true size. Most were infuriated and it could’ve easily tanked any other brand with the growing pains that NB# had. Luckily, with the care, concern, and feedback that NB# received from consumers, they were forced back to the drawing board to fix the most essential part of footwear- a proper fit. Read More

Team Changes: Leaving The E, No Room For Me

Or is Tyler on HUF? Is Gilbert an honorable Canadian? Too many questions, zero answers, tons of guesses.

Or is Tyler on HUF? Is Gilbert an honorable Canadian? Too many questions, zero answers, tons of guesses. Just the way we like it.

As no stranger to weed, looks like Tyler Bledsoe might’ve forgotten that he’s on Etnies. The mind-blowing ledge technician looks to have filled Miles Silva’s void on Lakai and can been seen rocking what looks like the Griffin’s or Alvarez’. Nice connect via Fourstar as we can only image. Strange to think that this was only a year ago. Maybe this is why Etnies only gives out colorways and not pro models.

It’s no surprise but seeing how there’s been no official press release, Jack Curtin can officially call New Balance Numeric home. He’s been found in countless clips skating the newly hi-jacked PJ Stratford. Could he be next in line after having one of the best selling skate shoes of all time? Only time will tell, but we don’t know anyone who would be mad at a Jack pro model. Plus, he’s got some solid moves- both on and off the board.

Nick Tucker looks to have dipped outta Supra homie flow and is on Nike SB homie flow…but the real question is: Does he have to ask PRod every time he wants a box? Also, big ups to Primitive for going with the “Sex Sells” direction. Works every timeRead More